Party Time?

After Jessica and Kristine’s birthday, they fixed their hair differently and bought new clothes. Kristine decided to follow her in her dad’s footsteps and workout, a lot. She loves to workout ( without any prompting from me). Jessica, not so much.

04-27-16_7-37-59 PM

Jade invited the family to her 30th birthday party. She was quite upset about turning 30.

04-28-16_12-28-44 PM


Jade’s party reminds Guy that his and Paolo’s birthdays are coming soon. For some reason, this thought pissed him off.  The twins, Jessica and Kristine, wonder why they have to come to a party full of adults. They would rather hang out with their friends. Jessica (flower dress), is so bored that she’s about to cry.

04-28-16_12-29-01 PM

Eva, Jade’s best friend, tries to get in the party mood.

04-28-16_12-29-19 PM

Kristine, thinks to self, “Boring. I wonder if they have any workout stuff.”

04-28-16_12-29-34 PM

I don’t know why everyone looks so unhappy or angry. I mean, seriously, people it’s a party with cake. Jade did cheer up after talking to Paolo and Guy. While they were standing outside, I noticed that Paolo and Guy both have the same pants on…what a coincidence!

I’m in my 2nd week of radiation. So far, I haven’t gotten any red skin. I’ve been using lots of aloe. I just got a prescription for some cream for 1st and 2nd degree burns. A lady at the radiation center recommended it. She had her last day of radiation today and told me that the cream worked very well. I am tired but I don’t know if it’s the radiation or the antibiotic I’m on – both can make you tired. It turns out I don’t have cat scratch fever. I checked my labs and the test came back negative. I’m thinking it’s an infection from the drain on that side. The drains were in forever! Well, not forever but it certainly felt like forever. They were in for about 7 weeks after surgery. There is a risk of infection if drains are taken out to early and if left in to long. Anyways, it’s slowly clearing up.

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Growing Up

Hello! I have had one week of radiation. 5 more and 3 days to go! I, also, have had 5 rounds of IV antibiotics. I’m doing that at home myself. The nurses at the Infectious Disease Center started my IV and did the first antibiotic. At home, I do it myself. Oh, I have Cat Scratch Fever! I’m guessing I got it because my immune system isn’t up to it’s job. Roo gave it to me when he was playing (scratched me).

Guy painted this masterpiece. I have not seen this one yet. I kept it. Guy felt confident after painting this. I was going to have paint another but he ran off to work.

04-17-16_12-03-32 PM

Jessica got invited to her friend’s house. The same friend who invited her to the club. Anyway, this happened. I couldn’t do anything with Jessica. Jessica and her friend stood outside until the fire put itself out. It really did. It just sorted peter’ed out. No one even tried to put it out.

04-17-16_12-22-19 PM

Birthday time! Jessica grew up thinking about cupcakes. She’s a lazy geek that wants to know everything about computers. She spent a lot of time watching TV or playing video games as a child. She also snuck out of the house a lot.

04-17-16_12-30-57 PM

Kristine also grew up. She’s an active goofball who wants to be a famous comedian. As a kid, she played and joked around with everyone. She’s also a nightowl constantly staying up late and passing out wherever. Soon, Guy and Paolo will have  their birthdays.

04-17-16_12-34-35 PM

I love to hire Hugo Villareal as a caterer. He always does something weird. At one party, he took a bath then walked around wearing a towel. This time, he fell asleep in the hot tub. I guess cooking for guests is tiring.

04-17-16_12-35-39 PM

I got a gold medal for the birthday party! First time ever! The prize – a couch. Hmm. I was expecting something else. I don’t know what but something other than a couch. Well, the Blizzards got a new couch for their living room.

I have not done a new Sims video because of Roo. I got a microphone for my desktop computer. Roo chewed the cord in half. Bad baby kitty! Here’s a link to a new video: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=0v8atOo1nEo

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Fighting Insomnia

Paolo really had to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, Clara picked a place to hang out without bathrooms. Luckily, this bush came in handy. Oh, Paolo, can’t you read the sign. It says no people in the bush.

04-17-16_11-38-33 AM

“Dad, dad, dad! Pay attention to me! Hey, Bro!” Paolo’s really tired. Maybe a drink would help, thinks Paolo

04-17-16_11-52-19 AM

He’s so tired he spilled some on the floor.

04-17-16_11-53-34 AM

But he did manage to make a decent drink.

04-17-16_11-53-52 AM

“I’m still tired. I know push-ups always give me energy!”

04-17-16_11-55-55 AM

“Maybe I’ll hang out in the hot tub and relax my muscles,” thought Paolo. Snore! So, that’s where Kristine gets her “refuses to go to bed” trait.

04-17-16_11-57-26 AM

Off to work! Looking good Paolo. Hope that hot tub nap was enough to get you through work.

04-17-16_12-01-00 PM

Monday, I start radiation. I have to have 33 treatments, 30 minutes each. Phew! I had a fever and aches starting Tuesday. I thought I just had the flu but my doctor ktold me that I had an infection.I checked in the mirror and I do have some redness and warmness. Ugh! I don’t know why I have an infection. I’m taking antibiotics so hopefully it’ll go away by Monday. Now I’m tired so bye for now.


Guy and Paolo – Randomness

They had a party to celebrate Paolo’s promotion. It turned out to be a decent party. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

04-12-16_8-23-27 PM

Kristine stayed up past her bedtime. She didn’t even make it to her room before falling out. Is there a trait called “refuses to go bed when tired”? She needs that trait. She does this a lot especially if I don’t control her. Her sister will go to bed, she’s never done this. I think the closest trait might be “active”.

04-13-16_3-34-28 PM

For some reason, Marcus invited Paolo and Guy over. Paolo and Guy were both very flirty when they arrived. Guy never even batted his eyes at Marcus instead he decided to take a bath.

04-13-16_1-37-36 PM

Eva rolled her eyes and left the bathroom. Somehow Guy got away with this…usually whoever lives in the house will tell them to stop being inappropriate.

04-13-16_1-39-41 PM

Then Guy decided to go to sleep. I thought Marcus was going to tell him to leave but he just stood there and stared.

04-13-16_1-42-41 PM

Jessica took this opportunity to sneak out of the house with her friend. This time they hung out at the coffee shop.

04-13-16_1-28-03 PM

Burning breakfast! He’s embarrassed because he kissed Paolo in front of Marcus which is weird to me because they don’t even call or hang out together. And Guy ignores Marcus if they do happen to be in the same place. I mean they had a fling a while ago but it never turned into anything serious.

04-13-16_1-56-03 PM

Glitch. Never had this happen before. Paolo decided to take a shower, saw Guy taking one and left. He walked around the house nude. I had this same glitch happen in Sims 3.

04-13-16_3-53-07 PM

“I wish to increase my skills.” Nope. Not happening. The Wishing Well  said that Paolo’s brain wasn’t big enough to hold all the skills and that he shouldn’t work on any today. Paolo could not increase any of his skills that day. Grr! He’s so close to completing his LTW.

04-13-16_3-57-44 PM

Hope you enjoyed reading. It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to play. I picked up a cold or something the other day. I’ve been achy and fevery for the past 3 days. I haven’t done another Sims 4 video but I do plan to. I’m trying to decide if I should start a new Sim or keep the same one.  I fixed the audio issue so the sound shouldn’t drop in and out. Here’s a link to a video of my cats. Thanks for reading and watching. Happy Simming!





Hoping for a Promotion

04-07-16_10-13-49 AMPaolo is very close to getting a promotion. He and Guy were discussing celebration party plans when Jessica interrupted. “May I have a dollhouse, please?” “If your grades are up tomorrow, then we’ll get you one,” replied Guy.

04-07-16_10-26-03 AM

Paolo really wanted a promotion. Instead of training at home, he went to a gym and had a trainer assist him. He felt stronger and more energized after working out with a trainer. Hopeful, he’ll get his promotion04-07-16_10-45-56 AM

Poor Kristine, she fell asleep at the table.

04-08-16_7-39-06 AM

Guy needed some encouragement to workout, he really doesn’t like to workout. Paolo looks like he’s yelling at Guy but he’s actually training him.

04-08-16_7-42-55 AM

“Why do you guys always come in my room to kiss?! It’s gross! Stop it!” I have no idea why they do this in her room. She was asleep until Paolo passionately kissed Guy.

Notes: Guy never works out by himself. The most he does is pushups or situps.  I  have to make him use the exercise machines. He’s level 3 in exercise now and still gets the moodlet for sore muscles.  Paolo did get a promotion so I’m going to have them throw a house party next time I play.


Jessica Sneaks Out

Hey guys! I had my radiation mapping done. The whole process took an hour. 40 minutes of explaining and showing me around and 20 minutes of lying uncomfortable on a metal table. It was sorta like an MRI except the tube was not as long. I had to stretch my arms over my head and turn my head to the right. After, they finished mapping me, they gave me three small dot tattoos. The tats look like freckles. So, now I have 8 tats. Ha Ha! FYI: it did feel like getting a bigger tattoo except it took less time. The doctor told me it would take a week to formalize my treatment plan. So, I will go back in a week and discuss my treatment plan AND have a trial run. The trial run sounds weird to me but I suppose it’s necessary.

Breakfast time! First time I have been able to get almost everyone eating breakfast at the same time. I think Jessica got up super early, ate and is now playing video games.

04-03-16_8-19-55 PM

Around 9pm, Jessica’s friend (I forgot his name, sorry) called and invited her to a nightclub. Although it was a school night, Jessica snuck out of the house and met him in front of the nightclub. He told her how they would sneak in and that once in no one would notice them.

04-03-16_8-29-49 PM

He was right, no one noticed them. Jessica had fun dancing with her friend.

04-03-16_8-31-13 PM

Peek a boo! This was at the nightclub. I made her go home after she finished playing.

04-03-16_8-35-23 PM

Kristine caught her sneaking back in the house. Kristine rolled her eyes at her sister but did agree not to tell on her.

04-03-16_8-43-27 PM

Friday night is finally here! Kristine and Jessica invited their friends over to watch movies.

04-03-16_9-04-21 PM

Side note: Her friend really did call and invite her to a nightclub. I didn’t know that kids could call their friends and hangout at a nightclub. I mean I do know they can invite their friends places just not at 9pm and at a nightclub.

Bye! Thanks for reading!