A peek into Vlad’s life

I decided to play Vladislaus Straud, the local vampire, for a bit. I loaded up my saved game and chose his lot to play. This is how he was dressed. He immediately went for the pipe organ, turns out he’s a really good player. He has even written sheet music.

vlad 2


I gave him a “magic 8 ball”. He asked about his love life.

vlad 3

vlad crop

Then the camera zoomed to Don Lothario. Looks like he has a bad stomachache.

vlad 12

Nope, apparently Vladislaus turned Don into a vampire. Why, Vladislaus, why? Now, the Sims will have to put up with Don’s flirty behavior forever. For those who don’t know about him, he is the local womanizer and dreams of having several girlfriends at once.

vlad 13vlad 14

He was fast asleep and jumped out of bed smacking himself. Thank goodness, he bought spider repellent. Look at the size of those things, I would lose my mind if that happened to me!04-21-18_12-18-01 PM

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Random Sims 4

I love the Sims!

Well, to be honest, I didn’t at first. The first sims version I played was my friend’s Sims 1 without cheats. My poor Sim was always in the red and I thought “ugh, this is no fun”. Then along came the internet… Thanks to the internet and its plethora of funny videos, I started playing Sims 3. My collection now includes Sims 1 to Sims 4.  I have all of the Sims 4 expansion and stuff packs… can’t say the same for Sims 3, Sims 2 and Sims 1. My favorite version is the Sims 3 with Sims 4 being a close second. With that being said, here’s a few odd glitches from the Sims 4 that I’ve experienced.

more morpingmorph bookmrphingstove funniesugh morphy counters y

I haven’t posted in quite awhile. I have tried but haven’t been able to save or publish any of my postings. I don’t have any idea why. Whatever, WordPress seems to be working for me now. Alas, I deleted the story that I had been working on due to having issues with WordPress. For now, I’ll post some screenshots of my Sims 4.

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Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 9)

Hey there! I had to take a month long break and I feel better than last time I updated. Hopefully, I’ll be back on track with Vivian’s story.  Last time on Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 8), Genji fell asleep on the couch after learning he was going to be a dad.

While waiting for Genji to wake up, Vivian began working on her painting. After all, she still wanted to become a famous artist. Also, she thought she might decorate the baby’s room with one of her paintings but she was feeling flirty and started a romantic painting first. Next, she would paint an appropriate painting for the baby’s room.

10-01-17_1-58-24 PM

Genji woke up feeling refreshed and playful. He suggested that they start redecorating one of spare rooms for the nursery. First stop, a store specializing in nursery furniture plus it was open 24 hours. Genji seems fascinated by the ice cream pictures. So many choices! Decorations, furniture and toys everywhere. It was tough and fun picking out baby furniture.

10-01-17_2-27-40 PM

They spent a lot of money and time on this room. First, they had to remove all the furniture that was in this room. Old furniture:

08-14-17_6-10-08 PM
Bedroom #3

Then, they put up new decorations and arranged the nursery furniture. A spider came out to visit while they were redecorating. It’s that black thingy by the trashcan. Yep, that’s a spider.

10-01-17_3-04-50 PM

10-01-17_3-08-16 PM

Genji hung up the painting that Vivian painted for the nursery. “A if for Apple” by Vivian Stewart. Original name for this painting, LOL!!

10-01-17_3-06-43 PM

10-01-17_3-08-48 PM

Afterwards, Vivian was just too tired to think about re-painting so they decided not to bother at all. Besides, they hadn’t even picked out paint or carpet.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Vivian had painted the apple painting before she was pregnant. I kept it since it was a masterpiece. It seemed appropriate to hang up this painting in the nursery.
  • Genji is very emotional right now. He keeps flip flopping from happy to flirty.
  • I decided to leave the paint and carpet the neutral brown color. One, the room’s décor is colorful enough and I didn’t want it to clash with the walls. Two, the décor stands out a lot better without adding colorful carpet or paint.
  • I figured that there was a good possibility that there would be a spider behind the desk IRL so I added a web.

I finally installed the master controller mod (is that the right name, I forgot). I’m very excited and pleased with this mod. Since, I installed it, I’ve been playing with new Sims (don’t want to mess up Vivian’s life) and have had to fix some weird “occurrences”. The first time I played a family with this mod, the mother and teenage daughter spontaneously woohooed. Ack! Also, my sims and NCPs’ can’t stop woohooing! I suppose that is ok but I’m not to happy about the incest. If I change the family member woohoo, to disabled does that mean husband and wife won’t be able to? Please feel free to answer that question and feel free to leave suggestions, tips or funny/weird experiences with this mod.

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Interlude from Vivian’s Life

Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t played any Sims in about 3 weeks. Gasp! Shame on me…Anyway, I’ve been struggling with exhaustion and soreness. Having cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, several infections and almost dying in the hospital has worn me out, a lot more than I realized. I believe it’s been 2 years since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever be the same again. Sigh.

Now on to something completely different:

Ah, such a nice day for shorts, NOT!


This is what happens when you build a snowman while you’re wearing shorts. It turns into a teleporting evil snowman. Ooohh, scary!


Meanwhile, inside the house, a dance party of one is happening.



Huh, a two-headed horse. Never seen one of those before….

Screenshot-7Apparently, this lady hasn’t either. She looks disgusted and angry or maybe, disgustingly angry? She looks like she would beat you up if you said “Hi”.


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Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 8)

Hello! Hope everyone had a good two weeks. A lot has happened since I last posted, we are all moved in and unpacked. My air conditioner stopped working three days ago; in the summer, in Georgia. Ugh! I don’t even want to know how much it’ll be to fix the thing. Especially, after spending our money on a down payment, moving, and breaking the rental lease. So, for now, we are using a window unit. Link to last chapter,  Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 7) Now on to the story told via Vivian’s POV:

Ah, the local bar, always a good place to celebrate after buying a house or anything. Humans are so interesting especially after a few drinks. See, that fellow behind us? I have no idea what he’s doing but he stood in that pose for at least five minutes.

06-09-17_6-17-40 PM

What beautiful lyrics Genji, you have touched my heart. I’m afraid he needs to practice his singing before serenading me in public.

06-27-17_10-52-35 AM

Feed me. Feed me. FEED ME!

06-27-17_10-56-11 AM

Mmmm. Thank you, your blood hit the spot.

06-27-17_10-56-30 AM

Feeling refreshed after a long sleep, we both felt inspired to work on our projects. Can you tell by my painting that we watched Lady and the Tramp before retiring to bed?


08-20-17_9-52-25 PM

Naughty time! No peeking!

08-20-17_10-04-24 PM

Pregnant! I wonder if we’ll have a boy or a girl or TWINS! I can’t wait to tell Genji, he’ll be excited as well.

08-20-17_10-07-29 PM

08-20-17_10-09-29 PM

Me:  Poor Genji, the movie was so boring, he fell asleep. How boring? So boring, that he fell asleep even after the exciting news.

08-20-17_10-10-47 PM

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I was going to work on turning the spare room into a garage but I got sidetracked. Oh well, maybe in the next chapter.

Gameplay Notes: I have only one – Genji fell asleep after Vivian told him she was pregnant and he was watching a movie. His sleep need was full so I don’t know why he fell asleep. Maybe, the thinking about having a baby was too much and he fell asleep. Sims are so strange sometimes.

Happy Simming!




Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 7)

Hello World! As promised, this chapter contains various house pictures. This build took forever! I can never think of house plans when building but this time I built a house based on our old house. We no longer live in that house; we bought our own little, cute house and left the rental. Now on to the story:

Vivian: I showed Genji the pictures the real estate agent gave me. Genji liked the house and immediately booked a showing. I’m very excited! I have never bought a house with anyone before.

08-14-17_6-04-52 PM
Front of the House
08-14-17_6-05-17 PM
Backyard View
08-14-17_6-05-38 PM
Top View – Layout

The house is already furnished in an eclectic style. I am considering not changing the décor.

08-14-17_6-06-42 PM
Living Room
08-14-17_6-06-07 PM
Hallway; door leads to a bathroom.

Hmm, this bathroom needs a different paint color than beige.

08-14-17_6-07-27 PM

08-14-17_6-09-16 PM
Master Bedroom

The master bathroom is a little small.

08-05-17_6-26-07 PM
Master Bathroom
08-14-17_6-08-23 PM
Master Bathroom
08-14-17_6-09-48 PM
Bedroom #2
08-14-17_6-10-08 PM
Bedroom #3
08-14-17_6-07-02 PM

Genji decides to wash his hands of the old house and live here instead.

08-05-17_6-25-22 PM
08-14-17_6-10-41 PM
Bedroom #4

What is Genji doing to that computer?

08-14-17_6-13-07 PM
Kitchen – door leads to bedroom #4

…..Oh, he’s cleaning. I should have guessed. He’s such a neat freak.

08-14-17_6-11-21 PM

Genji: Wow, I can’t wait to decorate for the holidays!

08-14-17_6-14-47 PM
Spare Room

Vivian: Good one, Genji. Instead, how about we give them a present they’ll never forgot….drain them dry! Muah ha ha! I don’t think he appreciated my suggestion. 

08-14-17_6-17-22 PM
Spare Room

The second door in the spare room leads to the backyard.

08-05-17_6-27-07 PM
08-05-17_6-28-49 PM

So…what do you think, Genji? Buy it or not?

Genji: Let’s do it!

Gameplay Notes:

  • I uploaded this house to the gallery. My user name: VampCatz.
  • The 4th bedroom was actually an add-on. It looked like it was supposed to be an enclosed patio. We have three children and used that room as a bedroom.
  • The spare room was really a garage but at the time of the house build, I didn’t know how to make a garage. Voila! Spare room.
  • I don’t know if anyone noticed but the Sim that Vivian drank from was living in this house. (Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 6)
  • I’m probably not going to elaborate on why the house is already furnished and what happened to the family living there but if anyone wants to give me some ideas, leave a comment. I’ll make up a story with pictures based on comments.
  • Tutorials – Sims 4 check here if you need help with building a garage.

Thanks for reading! And, of course, Happy Simming!




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Promoting Sims 4

I haven’t gone anywhere. I am taking a break before I start writing season 10 (click here for Season Nine). I have an idea on where things are going, but I kind of want to let things sit for a while. Meanwhile, I have been playing Sims 4 and I looked into streaming on Twitch. […]

via You Have to Watch Professional Sims 4 Streaming — Simbolistic

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Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 6)

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! We bought a house last month and are in the process of unpacking everything. We didn’t have an internet connection until a few days ago so I was able to post another chapter until now. I am very sore and tired since moving. My recovery time from strenuous activity seams to be longer than expected. Sigh. I’m hoping to feel somewhat normal soon. It has been 2 years since being diagnosed with breast cancer and I still get very tired. Anyway, enjoy the new chapter!

Genji and I have been enjoying being together. Even though, he likes to cook, especially grilled cheese, he’s not very good at it. The other day he burnt something and almost burned the house down!

05-29-17_6-01-32 PM.png

05-29-17_6-02-25 PM.png

We had to race outside to avoid catching on fire. The fire was put out before we burned to a crisp in the sun.

05-29-17_6-03-13 PM

I love my little house but my neighbors have been acting odd lately. I’m not sure what’s going on. Genji and I have discussed moving before and didn’t but this time we’re serious. The neighbors are weirding us out.

07-05-17_7-08-23 PM
Our neighbor stood like this for hours. Shower? Spying? I do’t know just weirdness.

06-04-17_2-30-40 PM

07-05-17_9-53-15 AM

I think I found the perfect house! It has a fireplace, kitchen, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It’s even a decent price! Genji and I will have a look at it in a few days.

06-27-17_11-04-31 AM.png

Will they buy the house? Will there be a walk-through with the readers? Will the new neighbors also dress weirdly? Stayed tuned for the next episode of Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale.  If you missed the last chapter, here’s a link …. Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 5)

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Men Explain Sylvia Plath’s Suffering to Us — Longreads

Emily Van Duyne wonders why Sylvia Plath’s accounts of Ted Hughes’s violence toward her have been so frequently dismissed or minimized.

via Men Explain Sylvia Plath’s Suffering to Us — Longreads

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Whims, Wishes and Insanity (chapter 4)

Hello! Surgery went well. My surgeon removed the seroma from my left breast. And I’m feeling better, not 100% better but better. She sent the seroma tissue off to the lab and it came back negative for bacteria and cancer cells. Yay!! Next week will be the third week since my surgery, I’m hoping to continue to recover. I’m very tired of being sick. Now, time for a Vivian and Genji  update! But first, I must apologize for any bad grammar or punctuation. I still am battling bouts of chemo brain so bear with me. Hopefully, it’ll go away soon.

If you missed Chapter 3, follow the link. Whims, Wishes and Insanity (chapter 3).

I’m ecstatic that Genji stayed the night. I hope he will stay with me forever. He’s so tasty. Yum! Oops, I forgot Paolo was here.


Time to clean up. I wonder where Paolo went maybe he left for home. Whatever, time to clean up.


Oh, hello Vladislaus. How did you get in my house? Let me use my powers to make you go away….grrr, he blocked them.


Nice try but you failed in your attempt, Vladislaus. I will never return to you home! Never!


Genji, meet Vladislaus Straud. Vladislaus meet Genji. Vlad doesn’t look very happy about Genji being in the house. He was betrothed to Vivian. Yes, I said was. She left in search of fun, humans and sunlight. No, she doesn’t want to become a human. 


Meet the newest thief in Newcrest.

06-21-17_11-48-17 PM

Gameplay & Other Notes:

  • Seroma is a deposit of lymph formed in the body in response to surgery or physical trauma. These are very common after surgery. I had one from November 2016 to June 2017.
  • Paolo sat and stared at the TV for quite awhile. I think he had too much juice. I really thought he was watching TV until I looked at the picture I took.
  • I have no idea why she is in her swimsuit. She didn’t go swimming.
  • My desktop has a virus and my laptop heats up when I play Sims 3 or Sims 4. Now, that I feel bit better, I’m going to fix or have someone else fix my desktop so I can play Sims 4 on it. My laptop has several games on it and can’t handle them all. Sims is the only one that heats it up.

Until next time, thanks for reading and Happy Simming!