Dinner Party Mishaps

12-24-15_8-55-17 PM

Seriously, guys? There are three empty chairs behind you plus two empty chairs beside the couch. I guess they really want to get to know each other.

12-24-15_9-07-23 PM

Argh!! My caterer is walking around with a towel on. Why?!

12-24-15_9-10-40 PM

Candy Behr, how did you manage to stick your plate halfway through the activity table?

Good news, everyone. I had a MRI with/without contrast done this month. The results – no cancer found in either breast. Yay! I don’t have a date for my surgery, yet. But, I’m sure it’ll be near the end of January which is good because I can recover more from the chemo. Yet, I’m so ready to get this over with. I don’t have a surgery date yet because the plastic surgeon is on Christmas vacation. Some more good news – my hair is slowly growing back.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


A Peek in Justin’s Life

12-15-15_8-30-32 PM

My Sim ordered two pizzas by accident. Somehow, she made one pizza invisible and is carrying the other pizza like a book.  She has nothing to do with Justin.

12-21-15_8-10-39 PM

Time to go to work! Or not. He did this all by himself. I just left him; he looked so happy manning the desk.

Justin, “I prefer to man the desk than actually do police work”.

12-21-15_8-17-21 PM

Justin, “Hey, pretty lady show me your moves.” Justin thinks to himself, “maybe, she likes me”. Ugh, she’s married. Try another woman, Justin.

12-22-15_10-15-09 PM
Party Time!! Hopefully, Justin will find his love amongst these lovely ladies. Purple dress lady certainly has some crazy dance moves.




Playing with Photography

12-05-15_4-42-58 PM
12-05-15_4-49-40 PM-2
An inspired Zoe
12-05-15_8-54-09 PM
Mitchell – not really thrilled to be having his picture taken.
11-19-15_11-09-49 PM
And then there’s this…I haven’t got a clue who this is or why she stood outside my house. Maybe she’s a stalker. Or insane.