Spooky Party

Bobo and Roo decided to throw a Halloween party. Roo dressed up as a Suave Pirate.


Bobo picked a Grim Reaper costume which he found amusing.


The first guest has arrived but where are our hosts?


Found Bobo…having a drink and watching the witches dance. Candy looks like she’s after the candy bowl.


Yep, after the candy bowl. RAWR! Stay outta my candy! She managed to snag a piece without getting caught by Thing.


Pumpkin carving time. I still have no idea where Roo wandered off to. He wasn’t dancing and he’s not up here working out.


Hmm, other than the color, these two pumpkins look exactly alike. Also, they are facing different ways. Even though, I like the daring color choice of green, I vote for the traditional orange pumpkin. Plus, I like that I can see the flame better in the orange one.


I found Roo talking to Luna, dressed as a witch. The party was a success with lots of eating, dancing and drinking. Hope every one had a Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading! Happy Simming!


Creepypasta, Shirley Jackson, and Horror Podcasts: A Halloween Reading Guide — Longreads

The spookiness doesn’t have to end with the weekend—indulge in classic creepypasta, scary podcasts, and Ms. (Shirley) Jackson on your lunch break.

via Creepypasta, Shirley Jackson, and Horror Podcasts: A Halloween Reading Guide — Longreads


Happy Halloween!

Cat spam! So cute! Sorry for the sporadic posts. I really mean to post at least once a week. Apparently, I’m still recovering from cancer treatments and run out of energy or have chemo fog.  I found out that my iron is low (35) even though I take a supplement everyday. So, I’m tired a lot and get exhausted easily. I went to one of my doctors today and got an order for lymph draining massage.  Yay! I’ve had to have my left breast drained. The lymph is collecting there instead of my arm. I’m hoping the massage will help.


Best Halloween party ever! Look at the two dancing. They are too enamored with each other to worry about the fire. I was trying to have a gift-giving party but accidently chose the costume party.


All Roo wanted was candy…instead…Screams!! 10-20-16_11-01-03-pm

“Roo, you really shouldn’t eat candy from a zombie hand. Now, say Ahh.” Roo is wishing Bobo would hurry so he can hang out with Luna. Let’s check in on Luna.


She’s standing hesitantly by the stairs waiting for Roo. I wish he would hurry up. I’m soooo about to freak out right now, she thinks.


Ahh, I see, a big spider. I would be unhappy, too.


More spiders!! Eek!


Roo and Bobo have a few more Halloween decorations to put up. I’m not sure if they will or not. Roo is distracted by Luna and Bobo, well, he’s been working hard towards a promotion. He hopes to be the top scientist one day. As far as the real Roo and Bobo, Roo does get distracted easily. And Bobo says….

Happy Halloween!!!

TBT Photos

Is it throwback Tuesday or Thursday! No matter, enjoy some Sims 3 photos.   I recently downloaded Sims 3 Island Paradise. I do like the expansion but it was really glitchy. I lost boats, people swam around in the grass and other sorts of mayhem. It’s always a good day for swimming!


I have no idea where this genie came from. None of my Sims had a genie lamp. He wouldn’t leave. He just sat and watched TV and then morphed into the floor. I ended up deleting him, you know, like when you delete a dirty dish for them.


What’s going on!!?? Where’s my furniture!!??  Argh!


Umm. *eye roll* Whatever game.. The Sims are weird.


Hope you enjoyed Sims 3 pics. I still play Sims 3 every now and again. I enjoy the Sims 4 but 3 is still my favorite. Happy Simming and thanks for reading!

sims 4

Episode 2 of My Cats (as Sims)

dIt’s been about a week since I posted pictures. My Picc line has been out for 2 weeks and I’ve not had anymore infections! Yay! I’m very tired of having IV antibiotics. My poor arm still looks like a porcupine got to it (from all the IV sticks). Anyways, let’s see what my cats are up to…

09-05-16_9-23-02 PM.png

Bobo trying out his new costume, Cheshire cat, for Halloween.

09-05-16_9-23-17 PM.png

He can’t figure out how to switch back to visibility mode. He may have to get another costume, this one seems broken.

10-02-16_2-24-52 PM.png

Bobo finally managed to get the costume off but not before it malfunctioned and threw them back in time. Poor Roo, he has to live his teenage years over again.


Bobo approves of the time mishap. He was getting a little to close to becoming an elder.

10-02-16_2-50-34 PM.png

I made  a swimming pool for them using  “bb.moveobjects” and added waterfall decorations, lily pads and frog water emitters. Believe it or not, my first time using “bb.moveobjects”.

10-02-16_3-07-00 PM.png

Roo wanted to workout at the gym after school but Bobo insisted that Roo  do his homework before going to the gym. Bobo decided to help him.

10-02-16_4-53-06 PM.pngLook how skinny Roo looks especially next to the blue haired man.

10-02-16_8-32-04 PM.png

Yoga for one! He hired the masseur (blue guy), paid him and waited for him but the guy left. Didn’t even refund his money.

10-02-16_5-18-34 PM.png

Ha, Ha! Roo fell asleep in the tub. Next, episode moving to a new house! Thanks for reading!


The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by velikosmijanje who is writing an awesome legacy story on her blog. I recommend you go and check it out yourself.🙂

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Share the award on your blog
3. Share seven random facts about yourself
4. Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they have been nominated

Seven Random Facts About Me:

  1. I have been a Registered Nurse for 21 years but haven’t worked since 2012.
  2. I did not like Sims when it first came out. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to pretend to work and stuff. Too much like real life. Then, I discovered cheats and have enjoyed the game since Sims 2. Also, I like making up stories.
  3. I had a feral cat colony that I took care of until we moved. Found homes for some and kept 4 of them. I only have two left. Both are very sweet and they are brother and sister. I, also, have one rescue cat.
  4. Even though, I don’t have cancer anymore, I’m still struggling to get better.
  5. I have been playing video games since they came out like Pong. I like a lot of different genres. Right now, I’m playing Overwatch on the PS4. My user name Vampcat m.  If you can’t find me, try mclark451.
  6. I’m half English. My mom is from England and came over here with my dad before I was born. My dad is half German.
  7. My favorite color is black. I was a punk in high school and still am. Right now, I love horror movies and I have always loved horror books.

My Nominations:

This part will be hard but I’ll try and nominate people who I haven’t nominated before or have been nominated for this award.

  1. Sul Sul SimlitStory about a young girl’s rags to riches story 
  2. Pronterus A comedic Sims 3 story involving a vampire and his ghost sidekick, Preston 
  3. Angelic Evil’s Haven A legacy story starting with Cooper legacy. 
  4. Idiot+Insane+Crazy+Idanezy One of the first blogs I started following, very funny.
  5. Simbolistic (A cool blog with several stories from the custom world of Twin Bayous)
  6. Simdale Valley Post (ShannonSimsFan is currently busy and not updating this blog but use the time to catch up if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it)
  7. Lowe Legacy  A Sims 3 legacy challenge 
  8. Bez Immortal Dynasty A Sims 3 Dynasty last updated Sept 28 2016. 
  9. Sims 4 Stories   A Disney legacy challenge.
  10. The Taylor Legacy 331 Descendents and counting! 


Well, that took longer than I thought..


Thank you once again for nominating me Velikosmijanje


BoBo and RooRoo; tale of two cats (sims 4 verison)

I finally remembered my password!! I haven’t been able to log in for a few days because I just could not remember my password. Plus, I haven’t been feeling too well. I would love to do an actual Sim Story but can’t seem to stay on track with it – I get to Generation 2 and my story peters out. So, I post funny pictures and if I’m lucky I’m able to piece a story together.

Meet BoBo Walker. Bobo is based off my cat. Yes, you read it right, my cat! In real life, I call Bobo “Mr. FancyPants” or a “dandy”. He’s very picky about his litter and I would imagine him dressing very neatly. In the Sims 4 world, he lives with his younger brother, RooRoo. (also, my cat). Roo’s is playful, likes to cover his food and water and make surprise attacks on his feline and human family.


Bobo has for some reason decided to eat in the bathroom. A dirty bathroom. Can’t say why? He ate his entire breakfast like this, take bite, think about himself. He didn’t even clean the bathroom once finished. 09-02-16_10-09-59-pm

Surprise! Bobo painted a self-portrait. Pretty decent. His brother is also a decent painter.

09-02-16_10-13-42-pmRooroo is also a flake. He took a shower then cleaned up sans clothes. Why game why!




Bobo and Mila on a date. They had a great time! Eventually, they got married, had one child. She passed away from embarrassment. Was brought back to life by the Wishing Well. Then my game repeatedly glitched to the point that I could not play it anymore. *sad face*. I’m going to reload Bobo and RooRoo but I can’t guarantee that they will have the same spouses. RooRoo was married to Elliot and they had 2 wonderful daughters.


Added bonus: Lucas Munch as a teenager. He has the outdoors trait so I dressed him as a cowboy ha ha!

09-04-16_11-31-23-pmI’m going to try to re-play Bobo and Rooroo. I promise to post pictures of the real Bobo and RooRoo. Wish me luck! Happy Simming!

I was nominated for Versatile Blogger Award and will do another post about that. Thank you so much for nominating me!