Whims, Wishes and Insanity (chapter 1)

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Hello, welcome to my home. My name is Vivian Stewart, new to Willow Creek. My family home is located in Forgotten Hollow. I relocated to Willow Creek because of an arranged marriage between me and Vlad. Now, don’t get me wrong he has a huge house that I would love to redecorate BUT he is too gloomy for me.  My family would love it very much if I married him and would pester me about it. So, I moved.  I must mediate for a few minutes.

02-27-17_4-47-36 PM

Vladislaus Straud and I. We dated for awhile. He’s too stuffy and broody for me.


Family portraits: dad, mom and I(yellow dress)


I’m more into painting so bought an easel instead of a bookcase. Oops. I have to go to the library to continue my vampire lore studies. You’re welcome to follow.


Well, Hello, Mr. Librarian! …maybe I’ll talk to him. His name is Genji Yamaguchi. He told me that he loves grilled cheese, parties and reading. Oh, he’s also human. Maybe, I’ll ask him over.


He said that he would come over after work and as you can see, he showed up.


Stayed tuned for Chapter 2

Gameplay Notes:

  • I made her before creating/decorating her house. I did not plan on her looking like the vampire in the portraits.
  • She went swimming before Genji came over.  I do not know why she had no clothes on.
  • The title comes from me, ha ha. No really, I’m playing her by completing her whims, wishes and her free will. Her LTW is the painting wish but she has not had any wishes for painting.

Happy Simming!

Sims Freeplay

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Hello, again! I haven’t forgotten about Sims 4. I feel overwhelmed whenever I start to post and I keep putting off storytelling. In the meantime, I deleted my Sims Freeplay file and started over. Here’s my progress so far..My first house. This is Jk, he lives here with his wife and a teddy bear. Sometimes, deer wander into their yard.

Their teddy bear reading to a deer.

 Jk works at the town’s fire station. On his days off, he hangs out at the local clubhouse working on his golf swing.

Ooh, spicy! Nah, just kidding. Their teddy bear heard knocking and opened the door. The Junkrats have some new neighbors. Missy Goth is introducing herself. Her husband, A Goth, is out of town studying with a Grand Wizard. I forgot to mention…Jk and Cc’s last name is Junkrat.

Wizard school. The deer belong to the school but can be seen wandering around. There are a total of three deer. Hanzo, Genji (the spotted deer), and Reinhardt (the white deer). Reinhardt is around somewhere in town.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Simming!

Random Photos (#3, I think)

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Hello! I found these photos while I was cleaning up my Sims 4 folders. Hope you enjoy! Tweet, Tweet says the bird. I remember taking this photo–it took forever! The birds kept flitting around so I had a hard time pausing gameplay.

10-01-16_1-54-05 PM.png

Have you ever wondered where  the three bears where while Goldilocks was in their house? Well, now you know.


I watched a trailer for a new movie Invasion of the Vendors. I think I’ll watch it when it comes out on Netflix.

11-29-16_10-00-47 PM.png

Poor guy, he looks so tired.

12-08-16_12-13-07 AM.png

The ad said that this apartment needed TLC but I didn’t except birds to be flying around inside.

12-11-16_11-44-17 PM.png

As I look at these photos, I wonder if I’ve used them in other posts before. Since, these photos were in the draft folder, I’m hoping that I haven’t used them. The draft said that they were saved 14 days ago. Anyway, I’m working on building another house and should be done soon. I, also, started a new family. I’m going to play and post this family for more at least 2 generations. I’m still fighting chemo fog so…..Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!




Tamoxifen and a Vampire’s House

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I hate this medication. Why? It has ruined my life. In July 2016, I started it and stopped it a couple of times because it made me severely depressed. Also, my oncologist did not give me any indication of my chances of getting cancer again if I didn’t take Tamoxifen. I re-started on 11/21/2016 because on that day my oncologist told me that I had a 50% chance of getting breast cancer again if I didn’t take it.  I have asked about different options but I was told that because of my age this was the only medication.

Side effects I have from Tamoxifen:

joint pain, general pain, increased insomnia, increased memory problems, confusion, unsteady, vertigo, lack of interest in things (including life), increased hot flashes, more intense hot flashes, red eyes (looks like I’m high all the time), malaise, poor appetite and increased neuropathy pain. I think I have more but my mind is foggy right now.

Medications I’m taking:

  • Effexor 37.5mg in the morning and 75mg at night – does not help with my side effects
  • Neurontin 600mg twice a day – still have neuropathy pain
  • Ambien 10mg at night – still have insomnia
  • Tamoxifen 20mg at night (horrible side effects)

So, I stopped taking Tamoxifen. I can’t handle the side effects. I’ve been off this medication for a week now and have actually had interest in playing video games. I built a modern house for my vampire. The inside has more of a Victorian/vampire flare. I have put it on the Sims 4 gallery. It took me several hours but I did it! Even though, my interest in playing Sims has returned, I still feel really bad and fatigued. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support!

Front view. Her rose bushes have died and her landscaping is overgrown.

02-27-17_4-21-03 PM.png

View of upper deck. That big board is not a wall. It’s for painting murals.

02-27-17_4-21-24 PM.png

Top view of her house.

02-27-17_4-21-42 PM.png

Her kitchen.

02-27-17_4-22-22 PM.png

Her bedroom.

02-27-17_4-23-27 PM.png

Her bathroom. Right now, she’s taking a shower.

02-27-17_4-24-16 PM.png

If you would like to download, my id is: VampCatz.

Happy Simming!




Cancer recap and Sims

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Hello Simmers!

I’m back for a bit. Sorry, I haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve been having a tough time. Let me do a quick recap of my cancer journey:

  • 6/15/15 found lump in left breast
  • 7/15/15 confirmed lump and cancer cells will mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy (why a month later? Well, my husband had fallen off a ladder at work and broke his back about the same time that I found a lump. Then, in July we had to move because the landlord was selling his house.)
  • 8/4/15 to 11/12/2015 chemotherapy (left me anemic, with chemo fog, early menopause and with neuropathy in my feet and fingers, plus other problems) My hair did grow back – it’s curly now.
  • 2/3/2016 double mastectomy (cancer only in one breast but I didn’t want to have to worry about breast cancer)
  • 4/18/2016 – 6/2/2016 Radiation. Along with radiation, I had 2 infections (left breast area) and was hospitalized for one of them.
  • 6/21/2016 to present: 3 more infections to the same area (left breast)
  • 12/2016 to 1/2o17 Went to a Lymphedema Massage therapist for my left arm..had about 1 Liter of fluid in my arm
  • Presently, I take Neurontin (for neuropathy), Effexor (originally just for hot flashes), and Tamoxifen (presumably so I don’t get cancer again).

Stay tuned for Tamoxifen, my horror story. Meanwhile, in Simville, someone is abducted.


“This is my favorite plate. I refuse to put it down for any reason.”


Umm, what’s going on? He has an arm sprouting out of his chest!


I had to make Tamoxifen another post. This would’ve been really long if I hadn’t. So, stay tuned for Tamoxifen, my horror story. Thanks for reading and subscribing!




Bobo & Roo – off to San Myshuno

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Selfie Time!


Back to Bobo and Roo….Bobo was eating breakfast when he received a phone call from his friend, Sadie. She wanted Bobo to move to the city, San Myshuno, and help her with cause “No Sims Left Behind”. Bobo had a good career as a scientist but Sadie was very convincing. As soon as Roo returned from school, they would look for a place to live. 10-04-16_9-12-56 PM.png

I don’t know  why they went apartment hunting in pajamas.


Roo “I’m bored. Can we go now?” Bobo “How about this apartment? It’s near a high school, basketball court and an art museum.” Roo “Yea, ok.”


Even with selling all their furniture, they couldn’t afford the penthouse or a fancier apartment. Oh well, this one isn’t too bad. It’s a two bedroom, one bath and it’s near the art district.


Bobo checking out videos. Bobo, my cat, is addicted to one certain video on YouTube. It’s mouse hunt. He will stare at us until we play it. I had to cut him down to once a day because he was smacking the TV trying to get the mouse.


This isn’t the mouse hunt video; it’s birds. Roo likes the bird videos better. He, also, will smack the TV. So far, they haven’t scratched or knocked it down. Roo is 11 months old and Bobo is 5 or 6 yrs old in this picture.


As for me, I’ve been battling fatigue. I’m still on the road to recovery from breast cancer, Stage 3A, invasive. I thought I would be finished by now but nope. I’m having to go to a lymphedema therapist for my left arm. Apparently, I have about one liter of fluid in my arm. The therapist will do a lymph massage twice a week and order me a “sleeve” for my left arm. She said it would like a tight sock. If you or you know someone who has had a mastectomy, suggest going to a Lymphedema Massage Therapist. Their doctor will have suggested it at some point, mine did, but I had such bad chemo fog that it wasn’t until this month (November) that I remembered. I wish I had remembered sooner. It might have saved me from having several infections from excess lymph fluid. I’m staying as positive as possible. Some days are harder than others but I’m hanging in there.

Thanks for reading! Happy (late) Thanksgiving! #cats #sims4 #cancer #breast cancer



Spooky Party

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Bobo and Roo decided to throw a Halloween party. Roo dressed up as a Suave Pirate.


Bobo picked a Grim Reaper costume which he found amusing.


The first guest has arrived but where are our hosts?


Found Bobo…having a drink and watching the witches dance. Candy looks like she’s after the candy bowl.


Yep, after the candy bowl. RAWR! Stay outta my candy! She managed to snag a piece without getting caught by Thing.


Pumpkin carving time. I still have no idea where Roo wandered off to. He wasn’t dancing and he’s not up here working out.


Hmm, other than the color, these two pumpkins look exactly alike. Also, they are facing different ways. Even though, I like the daring color choice of green, I vote for the traditional orange pumpkin. Plus, I like that I can see the flame better in the orange one.


I found Roo talking to Luna, dressed as a witch. The party was a success with lots of eating, dancing and drinking. Hope every one had a Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading! Happy Simming!