Guy and Paolo – Randomness

They had a party to celebrate Paolo’s promotion. It turned out to be a decent party. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

04-12-16_8-23-27 PM

Kristine stayed up past her bedtime. She didn’t even make it to her room before falling out. Is there a trait called “refuses to go bed when tired”? She needs that trait. She does this a lot especially if I don’t control her. Her sister will go to bed, she’s never done this. I think the closest trait might be “active”.

04-13-16_3-34-28 PM

For some reason, Marcus invited Paolo and Guy over. Paolo and Guy were both very flirty when they arrived. Guy never even batted his eyes at Marcus instead he decided to take a bath.

04-13-16_1-37-36 PM

Eva rolled her eyes and left the bathroom. Somehow Guy got away with this…usually whoever lives in the house will tell them to stop being inappropriate.

04-13-16_1-39-41 PM

Then Guy decided to go to sleep. I thought Marcus was going to tell him to leave but he just stood there and stared.

04-13-16_1-42-41 PM

Jessica took this opportunity to sneak out of the house with her friend. This time they hung out at the coffee shop.

04-13-16_1-28-03 PM

Burning breakfast! He’s embarrassed because he kissed Paolo in front of Marcus which is weird to me because they don’t even call or hang out together. And Guy ignores Marcus if they do happen to be in the same place. I mean they had a fling a while ago but it never turned into anything serious.

04-13-16_1-56-03 PM

Glitch. Never had this happen before. Paolo decided to take a shower, saw Guy taking one and left. He walked around the house nude. I had this same glitch happen in Sims 3.

04-13-16_3-53-07 PM

“I wish to increase my skills.” Nope. Not happening. The Wishing Well  said that Paolo’s brain wasn’t big enough to hold all the skills and that he shouldn’t work on any today. Paolo could not increase any of his skills that day. Grr! He’s so close to completing his LTW.

04-13-16_3-57-44 PM

Hope you enjoyed reading. It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to play. I picked up a cold or something the other day. I’ve been achy and fevery for the past 3 days. I haven’t done another Sims 4 video but I do plan to. I’m trying to decide if I should start a new Sim or keep the same one.  I fixed the audio issue so the sound shouldn’t drop in and out. Here’s a link to a video of my cats. Thanks for reading and watching. Happy Simming!





3 thoughts on “Guy and Paolo – Randomness

  1. That’s interesting, I never noticed certain sims not going to bed on their own and others doing so– well actually I’ve noticed some do go to bed on their own. But I am a little too much of a control freak sometimes, sending my sims to bed if they don’t go. I think it would be fun to give them a little more autonomy and see what they choose, I’ll give it a try! I had a flu a couple weeks ago and literally didn’t play sims or blog for 5 days, I was in so much misery.


    1. Sorry to hear about the flu. I hope you feel better. I’m having to take antibiotic because according to the doctor, I have an infection. I just though I had a flu.
      It’s hard for me to give Sims autonomy. Sometimes, they do strange things when I do. Like Kristine never going to bed on her own. Or I’ve had them drink in the bathtub. Once I had a kid pee in the pool, I fell out laughing!

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