Fighting Insomnia

Paolo really had to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, Clara picked a place to hang out without bathrooms. Luckily, this bush came in handy. Oh, Paolo, can’t you read the sign. It says no people in the bush.

04-17-16_11-38-33 AM

“Dad, dad, dad! Pay attention to me! Hey, Bro!” Paolo’s really tired. Maybe a drink would help, thinks Paolo

04-17-16_11-52-19 AM

He’s so tired he spilled some on the floor.

04-17-16_11-53-34 AM

But he did manage to make a decent drink.

04-17-16_11-53-52 AM

“I’m still tired. I know push-ups always give me energy!”

04-17-16_11-55-55 AM

“Maybe I’ll hang out in the hot tub and relax my muscles,” thought Paolo. Snore! So, that’s where Kristine gets her “refuses to go to bed” trait.

04-17-16_11-57-26 AM

Off to work! Looking good Paolo. Hope that hot tub nap was enough to get you through work.

04-17-16_12-01-00 PM

Monday, I start radiation. I have to have 33 treatments, 30 minutes each. Phew! I had a fever and aches starting Tuesday. I thought I just had the flu but my doctor ktold me that I had an infection.I checked in the mirror and I do have some redness and warmness. Ugh! I don’t know why I have an infection. I’m taking antibiotics so hopefully it’ll go away by Monday. Now I’m tired so bye for now.


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