Bobo & Roo – off to San Myshuno

Selfie Time!


Back to Bobo and Roo….Bobo was eating breakfast when he received a phone call from his friend, Sadie. She wanted Bobo to move to the city, San Myshuno, and help her with cause “No Sims Left Behind”. Bobo had a good career as a scientist but Sadie was very convincing. As soon as Roo returned from school, they would look for a place to live. 10-04-16_9-12-56 PM.png

I don’t know  why they went apartment hunting in pajamas.


Roo “I’m bored. Can we go now?” Bobo “How about this apartment? It’s near a high school, basketball court and an art museum.” Roo “Yea, ok.”


Even with selling all their furniture, they couldn’t afford the penthouse or a fancier apartment. Oh well, this one isn’t too bad. It’s a two bedroom, one bath and it’s near the art district.


Bobo checking out videos. Bobo, my cat, is addicted to one certain video on YouTube. It’s mouse hunt. He will stare at us until we play it. I had to cut him down to once a day because he was smacking the TV trying to get the mouse.


This isn’t the mouse hunt video; it’s birds. Roo likes the bird videos better. He, also, will smack the TV. So far, they haven’t scratched or knocked it down. Roo is 11 months old and Bobo is 5 or 6 yrs old in this picture.


As for me, I’ve been battling fatigue. I’m still on the road to recovery from breast cancer, Stage 3A, invasive. I thought I would be finished by now but nope. I’m having to go to a lymphedema therapist for my left arm. Apparently, I have about one liter of fluid in my arm. The therapist will do a lymph massage twice a week and order me a “sleeve” for my left arm. She said it would like a tight sock. If you or you know someone who has had a mastectomy, suggest going to a Lymphedema Massage Therapist. Their doctor will have suggested it at some point, mine did, but I had such bad chemo fog that it wasn’t until this month (November) that I remembered. I wish I had remembered sooner. It might have saved me from having several infections from excess lymph fluid. I’m staying as positive as possible. Some days are harder than others but I’m hanging in there.

Thanks for reading! Happy (late) Thanksgiving! #cats #sims4 #cancer #breast cancer