Party Time?

After Jessica and Kristine’s birthday, they fixed their hair differently and bought new clothes. Kristine decided to follow her in her dad’s footsteps and workout, a lot. She loves to workout ( without any prompting from me). Jessica, not so much.

04-27-16_7-37-59 PM

Jade invited the family to her 30th birthday party. She was quite upset about turning 30.

04-28-16_12-28-44 PM


Jade’s party reminds Guy that his and Paolo’s birthdays are coming soon. For some reason, this thought pissed him off.  The twins, Jessica and Kristine, wonder why they have to come to a party full of adults. They would rather hang out with their friends. Jessica (flower dress), is so bored that she’s about to cry.

04-28-16_12-29-01 PM

Eva, Jade’s best friend, tries to get in the party mood.

04-28-16_12-29-19 PM

Kristine, thinks to self, “Boring. I wonder if they have any workout stuff.”

04-28-16_12-29-34 PM

I don’t know why everyone looks so unhappy or angry. I mean, seriously, people it’s a party with cake. Jade did cheer up after talking to Paolo and Guy. While they were standing outside, I noticed that Paolo and Guy both have the same pants on…what a coincidence!

I’m in my 2nd week of radiation. So far, I haven’t gotten any red skin. I’ve been using lots of aloe. I just got a prescription for some cream for 1st and 2nd degree burns. A lady at the radiation center recommended it. She had her last day of radiation today and told me that the cream worked very well. I am tired but I don’t know if it’s the radiation or the antibiotic I’m on – both can make you tired. It turns out I don’t have cat scratch fever. I checked my labs and the test came back negative. I’m thinking it’s an infection from the drain on that side. The drains were in forever! Well, not forever but it certainly felt like forever. They were in for about 7 weeks after surgery. There is a risk of infection if drains are taken out to early and if left in to long. Anyways, it’s slowly clearing up.

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2 thoughts on “Party Time?

  1. I really enjoy seeing the sims develop preferences, like Kristine’s interest and enjoyment in working out. Did they have tense emotion icons? I wonder what they were so upset about. As you say, it’s a party with cake, people! But you’re interpretation of it was interesting, being upset about turning 30.


    1. I gave Kristine the active trait – she was always playing and staying up late. Guy, Paolo and Kristine actually had happy emotions so I really don’t know why they looked upset. Jessica was tired. Jade was sad about something. I had no idea why she was sad so I made up the turning 30.

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