Jessica Sneaks Out

Hey guys! I had my radiation mapping done. The whole process took an hour. 40 minutes of explaining and showing me around and 20 minutes of lying uncomfortable on a metal table. It was sorta like an MRI except the tube was not as long. I had to stretch my arms over my head and turn my head to the right. After, they finished mapping me, they gave me three small dot tattoos. The tats look like freckles. So, now I have 8 tats. Ha Ha! FYI: it did feel like getting a bigger tattoo except it took less time. The doctor told me it would take a week to formalize my treatment plan. So, I will go back in a week and discuss my treatment plan AND have a trial run. The trial run sounds weird to me but I suppose it’s necessary.

Breakfast time! First time I have been able to get almost everyone eating breakfast at the same time. I think Jessica got up super early, ate and is now playing video games.

04-03-16_8-19-55 PM

Around 9pm, Jessica’s friend (I forgot his name, sorry) called and invited her to a nightclub. Although it was a school night, Jessica snuck out of the house and met him in front of the nightclub. He told her how they would sneak in and that once in no one would notice them.

04-03-16_8-29-49 PM

He was right, no one noticed them. Jessica had fun dancing with her friend.

04-03-16_8-31-13 PM

Peek a boo! This was at the nightclub. I made her go home after she finished playing.

04-03-16_8-35-23 PM

Kristine caught her sneaking back in the house. Kristine rolled her eyes at her sister but did agree not to tell on her.

04-03-16_8-43-27 PM

Friday night is finally here! Kristine and Jessica invited their friends over to watch movies.

04-03-16_9-04-21 PM

Side note: Her friend really did call and invite her to a nightclub. I didn’t know that kids could call their friends and hangout at a nightclub. I mean I do know they can invite their friends places just not at 9pm and at a nightclub.

Bye! Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Jessica Sneaks Out

    1. It’s never happened before. She couldn’t even get a drink or food. She wanted to keep playing in the closet after their “dance party” was over but I made her go home. She was hungry and tired!

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