Sims Freeplay

Hello, again! I haven’t forgotten about Sims 4. I feel overwhelmed whenever I start to post and I keep putting off storytelling. In the meantime, I deleted my Sims Freeplay file and started over. Here’s my progress so far..My first house. This is Jk, he lives here with his wife and a teddy bear. Sometimes, deer wander into their yard.

Their teddy bear reading to a deer.

 Jk works at the town’s fire station. On his days off, he hangs out at the local clubhouse working on his golf swing.

Ooh, spicy! Nah, just kidding. Their teddy bear heard knocking and opened the door. The Junkrats have some new neighbors. Missy Goth is introducing herself. Her husband, A Goth, is out of town studying with a Grand Wizard. I forgot to mention…Jk and Cc’s last name is Junkrat.

Wizard school. The deer belong to the school but can be seen wandering around. There are a total of three deer. Hanzo, Genji (the spotted deer), and Reinhardt (the white deer). Reinhardt is around somewhere in town.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Simming!

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Random Photos (#3, I think)

Hello! I found these photos while I was cleaning up my Sims 4 folders. Hope you enjoy! Tweet, Tweet says the bird. I remember taking this photo–it took forever! The birds kept flitting around so I had a hard time pausing gameplay.

10-01-16_1-54-05 PM.png

Have you ever wondered where  the three bears where while Goldilocks was in their house? Well, now you know.


I watched a trailer for a new movie Invasion of the Vendors. I think I’ll watch it when it comes out on Netflix.

11-29-16_10-00-47 PM.png

Poor guy, he looks so tired.

12-08-16_12-13-07 AM.png

The ad said that this apartment needed TLC but I didn’t except birds to be flying around inside.

12-11-16_11-44-17 PM.png

As I look at these photos, I wonder if I’ve used them in other posts before. Since, these photos were in the draft folder, I’m hoping that I haven’t used them. The draft said that they were saved 14 days ago. Anyway, I’m working on building another house and should be done soon. I, also, started a new family. I’m going to play and post this family for more at least 2 generations. I’m still fighting chemo fog so…..Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!