Guy is Preggers!

Hello everyone! I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Since getting out of the hospital, I have been doing radiation and IV antibiotic at the same time.  Both make me very tired. I did notice that the antibiotic increased my blood pressure and heart rate. Ugh. I’m off the IV antibiotics now so my blood pressure has been better. And I’m taking this Friday off from radiation. I was stressing out about going in so I decided to take the day off.

Off to pictures now: this has nothing to do with Guy and Paolo. This guy became very inspired while cooking hot dogs. Amazingly, he didn’t burn them or catch the grill on fire.05-21-16_11-52-46 AM

An early picture of Paolo working out. He loves to share workout equipment.

05-21-16_10-29-11 AM

Bernardo and Jessica exchanging promise rings. Kristine still hasn’t decided between Mortimor or Lucas. Maybe, she’ll date both?

05-26-16_9-42-27 PM

Caught them! Since, the kids are now teens Guy has decided to go on vacation with just Paolo. They have not done anything in awhile without the kids.

05-26-16_9-47-03 PM

Cabin in the woods. Small but big enough for just them. I’m pretty sure they won’t do a lot of sleeping tonight. They both are flirty.

05-26-16_9-50-08 PM

Guy is planning on how to best attack Paolo. Just look at his face! He’s up to something!

05-26-16_9-50-33 PM

Go away, grumpy old forest ranger! The campers are too busy for you. The forest ranger is actually a young adult with prematurely gray hair.

05-26-16_9-53-15 PM

Apparently, they wore themselves out. Also, this is what sleeping would be without beds, sheets or pillows.

05-26-16_9-55-23 PM

The best conversations always take place in the bathroom.

05-26-16_10-12-36 PM

Next morning, Guy definitely has a baby bump. I knew something was up. Paolo is very happy! He’s hoping that Guy’s pregnancy will go as well as last time.

That’s all for now! Happy Simming!


Guy, Pregnant Again?

Hello and welcome back! I’m trying to post at least once a week, wish me luck! I think I either have a glitch in my game or Guy is pregnant again. He keeps having mood swings, drinking more, and forgetting what he’s doing while doing it. Before, this picture, he went into the bathroom, turned around and made a drink. He then proceeded to smash his way back into the bathroom with his drink. Poor Jessica, she almost couldn’t get out of the way fast enough.

05-06-16_1-25-45 PM

He then got in the bathtub and immediately got out. I have no idea what’s going on. He doesn’t have a pregnancy bump, yet.

05-06-16_1-26-22 PM

I finally got a picture of them all together eating. I’m so proud of myself. This was a hard shot to take. Hmm. Upon looking closer, I notice Paolo might be getting sick. Jessica is asking Guy if she can have some friends over. “Sure,” said Guy, “just keep it down. Paolo looks like he  doesn’t feel well.”

05-06-16_1-22-20 PM

The first to arrive was Alexander Goth. Kristine thought he looked petty cute and cool in his sweater/glasses combo. Maybe, she should date him?

05-06-16_1-27-46 PM

Lucas Munch (baseball cap) and Fernando also came over. Fernando really enjoys eating food. Look at him… *nom, nom* . Guy, stop drinking and go to bed and let the teens have some teen time.

05-06-16_1-29-00 PM

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Simming everyone!

Game Note: I haven’t decided if Guy and Paolo will have more kids. I was leaning towards not but now Guy is acting like he’s pregnant. Maybe, he’s trying to tell me something. I might change my mind and have them “try for a baby”.



Guy and Paolo – Workout

Looking good there, Paolo. He’s very muscular and buff…

05-06-16_1-11-29 PM

…And he knows it

05-06-16_1-11-59 PM

Guy is trying to catch up with Paolo’s exercise skill. He’s getting ready to run but wants to make sure no one is watching.

05-06-16_12-19-51 PM

And he’s off! Jogging at night, cool, less people…perfect! Guy looks very determined to jog at least a mile.

05-06-16_12-20-18 PM

He did jog one mile. Very good, Guy. Keep working out!

Update: Sunday (Mother’s Day), I felt really bad and went to the ER. I was diagnosed with cellulitis and admitted to the floor. I was supposed to stay for 2 weeks but ended up being discharged Wednesday. I’m doing IV antibiotics at home, again. My cellulitis is almost gone. I, also, have 3 weeks left of radiation. Not sure if I’m going to do all 3 weeks, I’m very tired and really don’t want to get sick again. I have a harder time with infection when I’m tired.


Happy Mother’s Day!

For all you mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day! Unfortunately, I spent Mother’s Day lying on the couch sick. Over the weekend, I felt achy and had a fever. Monday, I go see my radiation doctor and plan to tell him about feeling horrible. I don’t think it’s related to the radiation. Hopefully, he will prescribe some antibiotics. Anyway…Enjoy Guy’s pig painting (a masterpiece)!

05-06-16_12-29-06 PM

I caught this guy in mid clothes change. Looks like he’s jumping for joy!

05-05-16_5-41-56 PM

The “I really got to use the bathroom” walk brought to you by Sims 4.

05-05-16_6-24-19 PM

I did manage to make a video before I started feeling bad. Here’s a link, https://youtu.be/C-WdaK7krFY  I hope you enjoy watching. Thanks for reading!

Update: I just realized that is episode 2. So, here is a link to episode 1: https://youtu.be/6cWIBw0L6l4


Party Pictures and Roo (my kitten)

Party pictures! Well, only 3. I could’ve sworn I took more than 3. Hmmm. Anyway….

Jessica invited Bernardo over. The teens chatted at a table while the adults mingled. Where were Guy and Paolo? Well, they had “retreated” to a closet. With their moods improved, they mingled with the birthday girl and other guests.

04-28-16_4-15-50 PM

Jessica started dancing with Bernardo. She decided to tell him a flirtatious joke. Laughing, he told her one back. Soon, they were flirting back and forth. Yep, he is the same kid who would invite her to dance clubs before they were teens. They flirted, kissed hands and embraced each other for what seemed like hours before…

04-28-16_4-20-01 PM

…Jessica leaned in for a quick kiss. He seemed surprised. Maybe, he wanted to kiss her first?

04-28-16_4-21-11 PM

She had a wish to ask him to be her boyfriend. Soooo…they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. They really hit it off as kids and as teens. I hope Kristine finds someone to date.



Roo: I lick my nose cause I can.

nose lick