Tutorials – Sims 4

How to Build a Garage

Hello, today I’m deviating from any stories and posting a tutorial on garage building. This is the first time I will have posted a tutorial. I hope it helps. Here goes nothing!

Here is my building that I want to turn into a garage. This will work even if the garage is attached to the house. I only did the garage for easier viewing. Anyway, pick a foundation that you want for your house. It does not matter how tall you build the walls. I used tall walls because it’s easier to see what I’m doing in the pictures.

08-15-17_9-43-26 AM

Remove 3 squares worth of wall, the garage door will be placed in that area.

08-15-17_9-45-08 AM

Remove the floor.

08-15-17_9-47-53 AM

Select the garage door…I used the non roll-up door. The garage doors are found with the musical instruments, cameras, easel, etc. Place your door so it looks like the picture. It has to look like that in order for this to work.

08-15-17_9-49-08 AM

Place a garage door inside as well.

08-15-17_9-49-17 AM

Build a wall back on the door. It’ll look like the picture. The door should have a foundation line running through it. The inside door will not have this line.

08-15-17_9-49-34 AM

To “remove” the foundation, go into build, choose foundation and from the top row choose the second foundation and change it to a gray color. Carefully, change the foundation on the garage door. It should now look like the picture below.

08-15-17_9-54-08 AM

Next, build a wall around the door in the inside. There should be a box looking structure when you are finished.08-15-17_9-51-54 AM

This next bit will sound crazy but….

Remove the box you just built as well as the floor. Now the garage door will be on the ground.

08-15-17_9-53-51 AM

Add your garage floor by changing the grass/floor color. I picked concrete color but you can use whatever color/style you want.

08-15-17_9-56-23 AMThis picture is showing that I used tall walls. I changed the walls to normal.08-15-17_10-00-03 AM

Here’s my garage. Yes, this works even if you have already built a house and have a room you want to turn into a garage.08-15-17_10-00-21 AM

There is only one problem. Your Sim can’t go into the garage through the garage door but they can spray paint on it!

08-15-17_10-01-31 AM

I hope this tutorial helps. Feel free to leave comments. Thanks for reading!

Happy Simming!