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Tamoxifen and a Vampire’s House


I hate this medication. Why? It has ruined my life. In July 2016, I started it and stopped it a couple of times because it made me severely depressed. Also, my oncologist did not give me any indication of my chances of getting cancer again if I didn’t take Tamoxifen. I re-started on 11/21/2016 because on that day my oncologist told me that I had a 50% chance of getting breast cancer again if I didn’t take it.  I have asked about different options but I was told that because of my age this was the only medication.

Side effects I have from Tamoxifen:

joint pain, general pain, increased insomnia, increased memory problems, confusion, unsteady, vertigo, lack of interest in things (including life), increased hot flashes, more intense hot flashes, red eyes (looks like I’m high all the time), malaise, poor appetite and increased neuropathy pain. I think I have more but my mind is foggy right now.

Medications I’m taking:

  • Effexor 37.5mg in the morning and 75mg at night – does not help with my side effects
  • Neurontin 600mg twice a day – still have neuropathy pain
  • Ambien 10mg at night – still have insomnia
  • Tamoxifen 20mg at night (horrible side effects)

So, I stopped taking Tamoxifen. I can’t handle the side effects. I’ve been off this medication for a week now and have actually had interest in playing video games. I built a modern house for my vampire. The inside has more of a Victorian/vampire flare. I have put it on the Sims 4 gallery. It took me several hours but I did it! Even though, my interest in playing Sims has returned, I still feel really bad and fatigued. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support!

Front view. Her rose bushes have died and her landscaping is overgrown.

02-27-17_4-21-03 PM.png

View of upper deck. That big board is not a wall. It’s for painting murals.

02-27-17_4-21-24 PM.png

Top view of her house.

02-27-17_4-21-42 PM.png

Her kitchen.

02-27-17_4-22-22 PM.png

Her bedroom.

02-27-17_4-23-27 PM.png

Her bathroom. Right now, she’s taking a shower.

02-27-17_4-24-16 PM.png

If you would like to download, my id is: VampCatz.

Happy Simming!




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Cancer recap and Sims

Hello Simmers!

I’m back for a bit. Sorry, I haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve been having a tough time. Let me do a quick recap of my cancer journey:

  • 6/15/15 found lump in left breast
  • 7/15/15 confirmed lump and cancer cells will mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy (why a month later? Well, my husband had fallen off a ladder at work and broke his back about the same time that I found a lump. Then, in July we had to move because the landlord was selling his house.)
  • 8/4/15 to 11/12/2015 chemotherapy (left me anemic, with chemo fog, early menopause and with neuropathy in my feet and fingers, plus other problems) My hair did grow back – it’s curly now.
  • 2/3/2016 double mastectomy (cancer only in one breast but I didn’t want to have to worry about breast cancer)
  • 4/18/2016 – 6/2/2016 Radiation. Along with radiation, I had 2 infections (left breast area) and was hospitalized for one of them.
  • 6/21/2016 to present: 3 more infections to the same area (left breast)
  • 12/2016 to 1/2o17 Went to a Lymphedema Massage therapist for my left arm..had about 1 Liter of fluid in my arm
  • Presently, I take Neurontin (for neuropathy), Effexor (originally just for hot flashes), and Tamoxifen (presumably so I don’t get cancer again).

Stay tuned for Tamoxifen, my horror story. Meanwhile, in Simville, someone is abducted.


“This is my favorite plate. I refuse to put it down for any reason.”


Umm, what’s going on? He has an arm sprouting out of his chest!


I had to make Tamoxifen another post. This would’ve been really long if I hadn’t. So, stay tuned for Tamoxifen, my horror story. Thanks for reading and subscribing!