Random Weirdness

Random weirdness

05-22-15_5-17 PM
OMG! I can’t believe the grill caught on fire! What do I do!
05-27-15_9-59 PM-2
Wife. In. Labor. Must. Watch. TV.

Things not to do when your wife is in labor – watch TV.

05-10-15_9-35 PM

She’s supposed to be helping her son with his homework but her face looks more like she’s plotting some evil.

sims 4

Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere; Literally, Anywhere

05-23-15_10-43 PM

Dennis: Whoa, lady doesn’t that hurt?

Vampira: What? This old truck? Nothing can stop me when I want something.

I became inspired after watching “Plan 9 From Outer Space” last night and created Vampira and Tor. No cc used. If anyone is interested, you can download them from the Sims 4 community. My username is VampCatz. I made them married but you can change that if you wish. Also, their last name is Manlove. Why? Because Dudley Manlove plays Eros in the movie and for the name Manlove.  I find that last name just awesome!


inappropriateness and the Sims

stood like this for hrs

Her date stood like this for hours. Stalk much? Literally, for hours. Like from 12mn to 6am. He finally said “I think it’s time I go now” and left.

inapp sim Uhh yea, cause it’s totally ok to walk around nude in front of your toddler. I think his wife was not impressed. She’s considering reading. I really don’t know why he did this. He walked around like this for awhile until I told him to go jog.

bikini ghostbuster“Yes, I enjoy ghost busting in my bikini. What of it?”

Have a fun Memorial Day everyone!


Beds, love and sleep

05-19-15_6-57 PM

darkness sucks the light

dragging existence under

to oblivion

Glitchy game, hee hee. They are actually asleep. I think the bed is in love with them or either that it’s trying to consume them. Either way, it’s weird. So far, this is the only time this has happened. My titles are sucky, I apologize for that. I can never think of a catchy title.


We will miss you Dennis Kim!

My sim, Tish, fell in love with an elderly man named Dennis Kim. They married and had two kids. Then this happened:

05-19-15_5-09 PM A major fire! I have no pictures of the fire because it quickly escalated out of control. Poor Dennis was making grilled cheese and caught on fire. He hopped in the shower, hopped out, and died.  😦

She didn’t realize it until several sim hours later. She was quite pleased with herself for putting out the fire. I really thought she was going to burst into flames as well. As you can see, she is quite sooty.

05-19-15_5-11 PM “Grimm, gimme some space! Trying to mourn my dad over here.”

Yes, the sink is broken as well.


Thoughts and pictures

05-17-15_10-23 AM I thought this picture was cute. My sims in Sims 4 have some of the best paintings. I usually end up keeping them instead of selling them.

no words for thisI have no words for this picture. They autonomously did this.

I would like to one day write a Sims legacy. However, I can’t seem to get started. Usually, I take some pictures but never get around to writing. Maybe today will be day.


My GF disapproves of my boyfriend

u know yur bf is blue ugh

“Eww, Cassandra, your boyfriend is blue!”

Cassandra: “Just ignore her, Joe. Her bf is purple.”


Couvade syndrome, also called sympathetic pregnancy

sympathy preg gone too far

Kali: “Honey, you’re taking this sympathy pregnancy a bit too far. You actually look as pregnant as me now.”

Austin: “You know, I think you’re right. I could’ve sworn I felt something kick my stomach this morning.”

Oh my. Well, yes, he did have a baby. That’s what I get for forgetting to “turn off” pregnancy for everyone mod. And now you know the medical term for sympathetic pregnancy.


Bathtub drinking in Sims 4

05-11-15_10-34 PMSo, I was playing Sims 4 and noticed that my family would periodically get in the bathtub and drink. Then, I noticed a visitor did the same in front of my sim. What is it with drinking in the bathtub?