Growing Up

Hello! I have had one week of radiation. 5 more and 3 days to go! I, also, have had 5 rounds of IV antibiotics. I’m doing that at home myself. The nurses at the Infectious Disease Center started my IV and did the first antibiotic. At home, I do it myself. Oh, I have Cat Scratch Fever! I’m guessing I got it because my immune system isn’t up to it’s job. Roo gave it to me when he was playing (scratched me).

Guy painted this masterpiece. I have not seen this one yet. I kept it. Guy felt confident after painting this. I was going to have paint another but he ran off to work.

04-17-16_12-03-32 PM

Jessica got invited to her friend’s house. The same friend who invited her to the club. Anyway, this happened. I couldn’t do anything with Jessica. Jessica and her friend stood outside until the fire put itself out. It really did. It just sorted peter’ed out. No one even tried to put it out.

04-17-16_12-22-19 PM

Birthday time! Jessica grew up thinking about cupcakes. She’s a lazy geek that wants to know everything about computers. She spent a lot of time watching TV or playing video games as a child. She also snuck out of the house a lot.

04-17-16_12-30-57 PM

Kristine also grew up. She’s an active goofball who wants to be a famous comedian. As a kid, she played and joked around with everyone. She’s also a nightowl constantly staying up late and passing out wherever. Soon, Guy and Paolo will have  their birthdays.

04-17-16_12-34-35 PM

I love to hire Hugo Villareal as a caterer. He always does something weird. At one party, he took a bath then walked around wearing a towel. This time, he fell asleep in the hot tub. I guess cooking for guests is tiring.

04-17-16_12-35-39 PM

I got a gold medal for the birthday party! First time ever! The prize – a couch. Hmm. I was expecting something else. I don’t know what but something other than a couch. Well, the Blizzards got a new couch for their living room.

I have not done a new Sims video because of Roo. I got a microphone for my desktop computer. Roo chewed the cord in half. Bad baby kitty! Here’s a link to a new video: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=0v8atOo1nEo

Watch and enjoy! Thanks for reading!



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