More Weirdness from Sims 4

06-17-15_9-35 PM

Too much exercise causes fatigue..at least for this guy. My Sim is going somewhere, probably to dance knowing this game, when I noticed this guy lying on the floor. Notice how everyone is totally ignoring him. For those that don’t play Sims, Sims in Sims 3 and 4 love to dance. I haven’t played Sims or Sims 2 so I don’t know if they randomly dance or not.

07-31-15_9-17 PM

Yep, I frequently get up by sticking my feet through my bedside table, just like this guy. Especially if I’m tired enough to still have zzzz’s floating around my head.

07-18-15_9-46 PM

I love their expressions. Is he enjoying that or not? I’m not sure. Due to my recent experiences with chemo, I would say no he is not. One of chemo’s side effect is taste change. At first, no biggie. Food tasted not quite what one hoped for but still eatable. Until the other night…I managed to gather up enough energy and made mac-n-chz, green beans and baked pork chops covered in Ritz crackers. (home made shake-n-bake, haha). Anyway, everyone but myself enjoyed the meal. The mac-n-chz tasted like cardboard, I couldn’t bring myself to eat the green beans and forced myself to eat half the pork chop. The pork chop literally tasted like a bad fish meal. Ugh.

I set up a go fund me account because we started receiving medical bills and the amounts scared me. I have been able to partially pay one thanks to donors but more bills are coming. I wrestled with feelings of anxiety for awhile before adding it to my blog. http://www.gofundme.com/f428xtkg


Jessica and Kenny’s Date

06-09-15_12-19 PM

Jessie had mood swings and liked to paint. She felt that painting helped her with her mood swings. Here she painted an abstract painting while feeling happy. She lived by herself and painted quite a lot. One day, she decided to check out the rest of the town.

07-16-15_5-22 PM

She put on her best outfit and strolled through town. She spied this young man confidently walking around dressed in camo shorts and nothing else. Feeling intrigued and flirty, she introduced herself by asking him out on a date. Surprisingly, he agreed. No one had ever said yes before.

07-16-15_2-36 PM-2

The date was going well until this man (Don, a known womanizer) showed up and started bugging her. Kenny quickly jumped in yelling and telling him to leave.

07-16-15_2-35 PM

Fight! Well, they fought. Kenny won. Note the leftover fight graphics. Jessie invited him over which of course he agreed. Jessie looks very pleased. Poor Don was left in a daze.
Jessie asked him to move in which of course he did. She moves pretty fast on a first date. Kenny celebrated his first date, first fight and the winning of his first fight with this lovely photo. ‘Cept it got photo bombed by a gnome. I have no gnomes in this house. Spooky!
For some reason, they decided to paint together. I had nothing to do with this painting business. This was spontaneous.  So was his attire, not really sure why he is in speedos. I wasn’t paying attention to him until he started painting with her.

07-16-15_10-02 PM-2

This is just a picture of some of their paintings. I don’t have anymore pics of them because my game glitched and I lost their file. They had gotten married and she was pregnant when it glitched. I changed to fence to a wall then changed to wall to a half-wall so I could display the paintings.

I haven’t played in a few days because my mouth was sore (mucositis) and it made me feel tired, sick, lethargic. Generally, bleah. My mouth is better now thanks to my doctor ordering Magic Mouthwash. I found these old pictures and decided to post them. My 11 year old made Jessica, Jessica is supposed to be a weeaboo. Weeaboo, is a person who has Japanophilia (an interest in, or love of, Japan and everything Japanese). I did make Kenny and threw him in a random house in town so I had no control over him until they moved in together.  I got on this redneck kick for awhile so that’s why he looks like that.



Bad Hair Days

08-14-15_12-25 PM-2

Some days when playing the Sims, everyone is normal, some days not so much. I noticed this lovely lady with the green pants walking around looking disgusted. I have no idea what she was looking at other than that wall. She wasn’t even walking angrily. Then I zoomed in…

08-14-15_12-25 PM

Oh. Yea, I’d be upset too if my hairdresser dyed my eyebrows to match my pants.

08-07-15_6-19 PM

I caught this woman smirking at this fellow. Zooming in, I discovered that he appears to have a rash on his face or he forgot to get his beard dyed black.

07-28-15_8-41 PM

I threw this picture in because well, no reason, just because. I got tired of looking at Johnny Zest’s eyebrows. For some reason, EA gave him different color eyebrows than the rest of his hair. So, I gave him a make-over which included changing all his hair and clothes. He’s still a flirty goofball. I like to move my Sims in his neighborhood. He always comes over, hangs out for a bit, leaves then immediately turns around and comes back to welcome your Sim to the neighborhood. So, weird. He’s the only one that does this. I beginning to suspect that he is lonely. He visits all the time and all it takes is one flirt to make him fall in love with your Sim. It doesn’t even matter what gender or age (young adult, adult or elder).

Useless fact: I discovered that Johnny likes to bake. A lot. He gets obsessed with baking. And hot tubs. He loves baking and hot tubs.


Werewolf Bachelor Party


My werewolf Sim, the one in weirdly pink patterned shorts, wanted to throw a bachelor party. Now, on Sims 3, one is supposed to “dress to impress” which usually means a top hat at the very least. Apparently, “dressed to impress” means anything goes in the werewolf community. The party got off to a good start, everyone was happily chatting away about stars and housing. Later….


Blonde hair lady was very annoyed with the man standing in front of the bar. She kept waving her arms at him. She’s apparently hungry but she wanted to get a drink instead. I have installed the mod, ani_SimsDrink_v7. It makes the Sims “drunk”. Their actions are funny after having a drink. Sometimes, they strip, talk to themselves or generally act like real drunk people.


This poor lady got so drunk she peed herself and passed out in it. Meanwhile, everyone else acts like nothing happened. Yep, you know it’s a good party when people pass out, sleep in your bed, trash your house, and generally don’t leave until after you’ve let for work. Sounds like some of my old parties. Can’t tell from the picture but everything was dirty, puddles everywhere, dirty dishes, clothes lying around. Yea, clothes. See near the bathtub, that’s someone’s clothes. I have no idea why. My guy doesn’t even own a hot tub much less a pool. There are more clothes in the room behind the kitchen and in the bedroom.

One thing, I learned from Chemo…it dehydrates the crap out of you. I’m always having to “check my fluids” to see if I’m drinking enough. You know, I have to use the bathroom. Urine should not be dark, it should be light yellow or clear. It’s a good thing I like to drink water otherwise I’d probably be getting IV fluids. I usually end up getting up at 5am because of dehydration. Not because I’m thirsty but because I feel dehydrated. I am not a morning person but chemo is doing it’s best to make me one.


Anti-Social Much? Why, yes.

imageOk, I admit I’m a crappy Sim house builder but come on guys, there is a perfectly good couch you can sit on while eating. I mean, really! Not to mention that anti-social maneuver in the bedroom, at least eat in the same room as everyone else.

Yes, I’m a bit lacking in the social butterfly department but I do make an effort at times. I do read other people’s blogs, occasionally make a comment (then run away with anxiety haha). Seriously, I actually conversed with my chemo nurse. Very proud of that cause I suck at small talk.image

Bad parent of the year award goes to the parent’s of this poor chap. Imagine letting your toddler eat alone in their room. The nerve of those people! Naw, I couldn’t fit the high chair in the dining room and was in too much of a hurry to rebuild the room. Those Sim’s mission take up a lot of time so I just stuck the poor kid there. I’ll fix it later.


Amusing myself while at the hospital



Mary is diligently practicing her cat levitating trick. Oskar, the cat, wishes he could float higher so he could capture that elusive moth.


I wish I had the ability to pass through doors like this guy. I could get so much done!


My view at the moment. Lovely, isn’t it. Hmm….bad grammar. I’m getting my first dose of chemo today. So far, the red chemo made my urine look like cherry koolaid. And the other chemo drug has given me a metallic taste in my mouth. I know the names of the meds but I can’t spell them.  I suppose in a few weeks I’ll go back to the shaved look that I had in the late 80’s or 90’s. As for these pictures being small, I can’t figure out how to resize them on my iPad. If anyone knows, please leave me a comment. The smallness is bugging me.




Megadeth and Sims


Ok, I know this has nothing to do with Sims but I found this on the Metroplex Facebook page. Two big things; one I saw Megadeth! and 2 that’s me with the short blond hair next to the guy in the bleached jean jacket. I was so surprised to find myself in some picture that someone I didn’t know took. Anyway, Metroplex was in Atlanta, Ga and I saw many a great show there. This picture was probably taken in the 80’s or early 90’s.

08-02-15_10-34 PM

Johnny is receiving a rather painful Swedish Massage. After his massage, he had a very relaxed moodlet. However, watching him receive this massage made me wince. Remind me to never get a Swedish Massage.

07-31-15_8-03 PM

This man’s camping attire is awesome! He is quite pleased with himself. The woman next to him is not so sure about him or his clothing choice. As you can see, she has chosen a sensible camping outfit for her vacation.