Fun with an Alien Satellite

Hello Readers,  I’m feeling a little energized so I decided to try to post. I haven’t posted anything this month (July). I’m still trying to recover from a year and a half of cancer treatments, surgery and 4 infections. I have been playing Sims 4 and 3 off and on. Mostly, off. Too tired. Here are some pics:

06-26-16_5-04-21 PM

Poor man, died at work.  “Curses,” yells my Sim.

07-13-16_1-50-33 PM

Having fun with the alien satellite. First, contact aliens. A bunch came running into the house, just barged in….didn’t even knock. After a few hellos, put them to sleep with the hive mind knock out option.

07-13-16_1-50-56 PM

Oops, hopefully, this alien didn’t break his neck. Some poor guy walking down the street also got zapped with the knock out ray.

07-13-16_1-51-26 PM

The satellite reaches pretty far. I might try it again when more people are out and about.  That’s it for now. I will try to post again at least once a week. Bye!