Hello, I’m back!

I started a new chemo medication (Taxol) which so far is a bit better than the other two. Still makes me tired but I managed to have enough energy to play some Sims. I have 3 more chemo treatments then surgery then either chemo or radiation. Then I’ll be done. Yay! Cause I’m sooo tired of feeling tired and/or sick. Here’s some pics and have a Happy Halloween ( a little early but I might be to tired to post)

super nurse

This intern is able to check patient’s ears without stepping into their room. He actually did this several times. I couldn’t get him to go into the same area as his patient. Weird.

floor peeing

I decided to remodel one of the already made houses and this occurred. Not sure where this leak came from. There is no basement and that is a hallway so there was never any plumbing type objects. I ended up bulldozing the whole lot.

library bathrobe

Bobby, the librarian, is ready for his workday to be over. “Why won’t these people leave? I put my robe on. Don’t they get the hint?”