Only Way To Move With Cats

Before I get to the kitty photos, I would like to share this phenomenon:


Yep, a Zombie Vampire. Eats brains and drinks your blood…or maybe the other way around. Anyway, definitely a scary sight. Better have a stake and other weapons handy, seeing how vampires are only killed by staking. And zombies have to lose their heads. I would hate to run into one of those monstrosities.


I found moving with cats to be a pain. They are not willing to get into their carriers. Then, they yowl or glare menacingly during the entire move.


The method used in the above pictures is actually quite peaceful. My cats prefer the “no carrier while in car” move. Just like the above pictured cats…except with less sitting still. And more staring out the window. I have used this method before with one cat. Usually, he sits peacefully in my lap during the ride. I’ve never tried having two cats run around the car. Also, one time, I gave my cat Valium before the car ride. Valium, prescribed by her vet, did not calm her down at all. She yowled even more and looked half-drugged. Did not use Valium on her again (just on me)! Ha ha!

09-02-16_2-34-55 PM

He gave his first painting a “farts up”!! I checked and the quality of his very first painting was poor. Better luck next time!

Today’s status: feeling poorly

For me, radiation was worse than chemotherapy. I felt better after chemotherapy and surgery than now. I have another infection, ugh! Cellulitis. What happened….I stubbed my toe. Due to having poor circulation, my toe became infected, the infection could not be expelled by non existing lymph nodes (left side) and voila! Cellulitis  in my left breast. So, 2 IV antibiotics. Humph. I ordered a pair of creepers (shoes) from Angry, Young and Poor. Should protect my feet…hopefully. That’s it for now…Happy Simming!