Hoping for a Promotion

04-07-16_10-13-49 AMPaolo is very close to getting a promotion. He and Guy were discussing celebration party plans when Jessica interrupted. “May I have a dollhouse, please?” “If your grades are up tomorrow, then we’ll get you one,” replied Guy.

04-07-16_10-26-03 AM

Paolo really wanted a promotion. Instead of training at home, he went to a gym and had a trainer assist him. He felt stronger and more energized after working out with a trainer. Hopeful, he’ll get his promotion04-07-16_10-45-56 AM

Poor Kristine, she fell asleep at the table.

04-08-16_7-39-06 AM

Guy needed some encouragement to workout, he really doesn’t like to workout. Paolo looks like he’s yelling at Guy but he’s actually training him.

04-08-16_7-42-55 AM

“Why do you guys always come in my room to kiss?! It’s gross! Stop it!” I have no idea why they do this in her room. She was asleep until Paolo passionately kissed Guy.

Notes: Guy never works out by himself. The most he does is pushups or situps.  I  have to make him use the exercise machines. He’s level 3 in exercise now and still gets the moodlet for sore muscles.  Paolo did get a promotion so I’m going to have them throw a house party next time I play.


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