About Meowfaze

Update December 2017
I have put writing Sim stories on the back burner. Even after 2 years, I still don’t feel great. Yep, it’s been 2 years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I still have chemo-induced neuropathy and am still in menopause, also chemo-induced. I still play the Sims and will go back to posting pictures of silly, weird glitches. Not sure, if I will return to writing Sim stories.

Old Stuff:

I’m a stay-at-home mom who homeschools 3 kids. I like to play video games and read. Right now, I’m reading Let the Right One In and anime. I’m playing Resident Evil 6(?) and Sims 3 & 4. I say Resident Evil 6(?) because I’m too lazy to get up and look at the title. Anyway, it’s the one for PS4. My goal for this blog is to post pictures of Sims. That’s about it. One day, I might post more. Maybe when school is out for the summer. IMG_1243


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