Guy and Paolo

Hello, I’m back! I’ve been busy since Easter and haven’t had time to play or blog. Friday (25th) was my birthday and to celebrate, I adopted Roo from Cloverhill Rescue. He’s 3mos old.  He’s playful and loves to cuddle.  My two older cats are slowly accepting him.  I had a hard time taking his picture because he’s always running around. He’s sooo tiny! Right now, he weighs 3lbs.

roo 32016

One morning, Guy got up early to make breakfast. For some reason, he couldn’t find his clothes. “Why did I get out bed for this?! Where are my clothes?! I can’t cook like this!” I had to zoom in for a closer like at his face. He is very angry yet inspired. I had forgotten that the update removes all cc from the game when I started playing. Don’t worry, he soon found his clothes.

03-22-16_2-59-12 PM

03-22-16_2-59-25 PM

“I love this new kitchen so much I’m gonna cook breakfast scramble for everyone” Guy and Paolo had contractors rebuild their house. One of the pipes under the house had busted and was spewing smelly gunk everywhere. The plumber told them it couldn’t be fixed without destroying the first floor. So, new house with new pipes.

03-28-16_9-52-28 PM

The breakfast scramble smelled delish but cake is way better.  Guy thought, “It’s a breakfast food. I mean it does have eggs in it.”

03-28-16_9-53-23 PM

Paolo had been encouraging him to workout lately and Guy decided to give it a try.  “I’ll  workout after Kristine goes to school. Working out can wait a few more minutes, he thought. Plus, he wanted to workout with Paolo who was still sleeping. Paolo had gotten home late from work last night. He should get another promotion soon. I think he is level 4 in the Athlete career.

03-28-16_10-34-43 PM

Sometime later that day, Paolo and Guy went to a dance party. It was pretty lame as parties go. The only interesting thing that happened was Marcus tried to feel inside Eva’s stomach. No one knew why he did this. Not even Eva.

03-28-16_10-42-57 PM

Side note: Paolo left the party angry because he thought it was lame. Guy had a good time even though all he did was “fertilize” a bush, eat and talk to Paolo and other people. I had to rebuild the house to get rid of the phantom smell. I never could figure out the source.

Cancer Treatment Update: My doctor finally removed the last drain yesterday (Tuesday). I made the mistake of looking at the bit that was inside me. Ugh. I’m a nurse and can handle a lot of grossness but jeez what I saw was really too much. It was flat looking and 1/2″ wide. Maybe not 1/2″ wide but it looked like it. No wonder it bothered me and no wonder it hurts when it’s removed. Ok, this is the removal process – clean the area, cut the stitch and yank out the tube. Then, clean the area and put a dressing on it. If you ever have a JP drain, now you know how it’ll be removed.  Amazingly, I can remove the dressing one day later and the insertion site will be healed. Today, I’m going to the radiation center and have radiation mapping done. The radiation doctor told me that it’ll take a week to finalize a treatment plan then I start radiation.  I’m getting closer to being finished with cancer treatment.

Happy Simming and thanks for reading!


Sims Freeplay

Hello and welcome back! The days are flying by and it’s almost Easter. The kids will be with their dad this year for Easter so I gave them their Easter baskets early. This is what greeted me this morning. I like how she didn’t take off the wrapper. The rabbit doesn’t seem to mind losing his ears.


Ride ’em cowboy!

cow plant

She’s taken table dancing to a whole new level.

table dance

Guy thinks to self, Don’t drop me, please don’t drop me. Please excuse the weird color scheme. I wanted to see what the ice floor pattern looked like and forgot to change the wallpaper.


This appears to be a normal picture until you notice the old men working hard and the young guy in the hammock. It should be the other way around. I only noticed after I took the picture. Yep, I was totally oblivious to my Sims surroundings when I took this pic.


This picture only exists because I love cats!


Stay tuned for more photos!




Smelly Glitch

My appointment with my doctor went well yesterday.  She took out the right drain but not the left – it was draining 45cc. It needed to be below 30cc or less for two days in a row. If the fluid is not drained out, I could get an infection. Or if the drain is taken out too soon, I could get a pocket of fluid under my skin and have to get it drained. Bleah. Anyway, I’m very glad that at least one of the drains have been removed. Making progress! Once, the other is removed, I can start radiation. I asked her why the left drain was so slow in drying up. I had thought it was because some of my lymph nodes had been removed on my left side. I was right.

My game has a weird glitch. Unidentified stinky smell. I can’t find the source anywhere. I re-did the kitchen, walls and floor. Still, my Sims think of smelly shoes, garbage or wave their hands in front of their noses when they sit down to eat. I may have to move them to a new lot or make a totally new house.

03-20-16_9-13-11 PM

Guy is enlightening Paolo on why Llamas are really aliens and shouldn’t be trusted.

03-20-16_9-15-40 PM

Paolo is so patient with Guy. They are a good match. I don’t think he believes in Guy’s theory, though.

03-20-16_9-15-57 PM

Kristine is learning how to bend the rules of physics. She is demonstrating how to eat grilled cheese through a desk.

03-20-16_9-29-42 PM

Jessica! Jessica! Stop doodling on the table! Sigh, I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m going to have to demolish the house anyway just to get rid of the mysterious smell.

03-20-16_9-42-38 PM

Side note: My drains are called JP drains. I’m really not amused that I have to get rid of Guy and Paolo’s house. I like the house but I can’t find the source of the smell anywhere. I tried to ignore them being disgusted but it’s starting to annoy me.

Till next time, Happy Simming!


Another visit with the Doc.

I’m going to the doctor today. Hopefully, she’ll yank these dang drains out. (feel free to replace dang with whatever curse word you use) The stupid things have been in for 6 weeks now. Last time I saw her, she did say that she would have to take them out eventually because she didn’t want to mess up my radiation schedule. She didn’t say mess up but I forgot the exact words she used. I so want to take a shower. Tired of tub baths. In other news, I saw this exciting workout outfit.  He has on a weight belt! I did not know that outfit exsisted in the Sims 4.

03-16-16_3-10-13 PM

I also came across Geoffry Landgraab’s elder double. Seriously, the guy even had the same glasses. Looks like it’s time for a old timey shoot-out! Nah, they just ignored each other.

03-16-16_8-42-15 PM

I think my kids’ sense of humor is rubbing off on me. I found this painting hilarious. Paolo looks like he is laughing at the painting, as well. He was painting a flirty painting at the time. One on my kids asked why Guy was in his underwear. T0 clarify, that’s his swimsuit. They were in the hot tub before painting.

03-20-16_8-22-14 PM

This picture needs macaroni! I shall not look where I’m putting them cause I’m just that good.

03-20-16_9-04-29 PM

Yep, perfect. I think it needs a few sprinkles.

03-20-16_9-04-40 PM

*Sprinkle, Sprinkle*

03-20-16_9-05-00 PM

I immediately regret my decision for sprinkles. Why did I add sprinkles?

03-20-16_9-05-12 PM

I will try to post tomorrow about today’s doctor appointment. If she doesn’t take at least one out, I may be to bummed to post. I really want these drains gone so I can start the last leg of my cancer treatment – radiation. I’m not counting breast reconstruction as treatment because umm I don’t want to. I guess technically it is because I had bilat. mastectomy but I just want to be done with cancer treatment so I’m not counting it. I managed to add audio to my Sims 4 video. I promise I will get better with my videos just bear with me. It’s a learning experience for me.

Here’s the link:   https://youtu.be/FUXZn9KC4Uc

Thanks so much for reading and watching!







Kissing a Llamacorn

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been messing around with recording videos. I finally got audio on my videos. It took me five tries to make a video before I finally committed to one. I didn’t edit it because my voice sounded weird. You know when you record your voice and then listen to it…it doesn’t sound how you think it does.

Paolo off to work in the best uniform ever. Go, Llamacorns!!

03-14-16_8-30-34 PM

Jessica wanted to go to the park with her sister, Kristine, but Kristine was tired. Jessica decided to go by herself. She met Kayla there. They got along very well. They even liked the same clothes. She invited her to come over and meet Kristine.

03-14-16_8-34-16 PM

Kristine and Kayla did not get along. Kristine told her a joke about cans and Kayla thought it was dumb. Guy just got home from work and is very happy. He got a promotion today! It makes him think of muscles or maybe he’s really thinking about Paolo.

03-14-16_8-36-13 PM

So happy and confident, he kissed a llamacorn! It looks weird. They seem to be merging into each other.

03-14-16_8-42-39 PM

Bella – model thin, no muscles. I knew Bella was thin but good grief! Eat something before the wind blows you away.

Gym trainer – normal weight, muscles.

03-14-16_9-13-02 PM

Telling secrets to each other. Judging by his expression, Jessica must have told him a juicy secret.

03-14-16_9-17-46 PM

Guy may have painted  Mr. Landgraab.  I’m not sure but it does look a little like him. I want the kitty painting.

03-14-16_9-23-25 PM

Notes: Kristine and Kayla really didn’t like each other. Almost, every interaction was negative even the jokes. Kayla does get along with Jessica.

Here’s the link to the video: https://youtu.be/rD2Or3DV2S0












More Cancer Treatment

Before my appointment with my radiation doctor, I tried to take a nap. I say tried because I kept feeling someone staring at me:IMG_20160307_111539910

She stared at me for 15 minutes. Crazy cat. It’s official I have to have 6 weeks of radiation. Oh well. I did learn that as of right now I have a 30% chance of getting cancer again. After, radiation, it will drop to 7%. I certainly don’t want to go through chemo again so radiation it is. I have to go back on the 21st to get 3-D mapping of the area done. That’s so the radiation doesn’t affect my heart, lungs etc. Then I start radiation…I think a week later. I forgot what the doc said. I was nervous and now I can’t remember when he said I’d start. Oops. Well, they’ll let me know on the 21st.

My Sims 4 has been lagging so I don’t have any new Guy and Paolo pictures. I probably need to get rid of some mods or cc. Until I play them again, here are some random Sims.

I’ve played darts before and never threw one behind me. If that guy behind him had been any closer, the dart would’ve gotten him in the foot.


“Aw crap! I got my hand stuck inside the computer again.” Looks like that hurts.

hand thru computer

Death at the workplace. So, sad. Grim left the urn there as a nice reminder. Thanks, Grim. Way to make the workplace awful. Every day, people would stop by the urn and cry. The inmates were always sad. I finally moved the urn to upstairs.


Ensuring a job promotion by napping in front of your boss.


Has anyone ever made it to level 10 in the Detective career? I haven’t. My Sims get to level 5 then constantly want a day off and get tense if they don’t get one. I made it to level 10 Scientist without this issue.

Here’s a new video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvdIPtnCjnE