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Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 9)

Hey there! I had to take a month long break and I feel better than last time I updated. Hopefully, I’ll be back on track with Vivian’s story.  Last time on Vivian, a Vampire’s Tale (Chapter 8), Genji fell asleep on the couch after learning he was going to be a dad.

While waiting for Genji to wake up, Vivian began working on her painting. After all, she still wanted to become a famous artist. Also, she thought she might decorate the baby’s room with one of her paintings but she was feeling flirty and started a romantic painting first. Next, she would paint an appropriate painting for the baby’s room.

10-01-17_1-58-24 PM

Genji woke up feeling refreshed and playful. He suggested that they start redecorating one of spare rooms for the nursery. First stop, a store specializing in nursery furniture plus it was open 24 hours. Genji seems fascinated by the ice cream pictures. So many choices! Decorations, furniture and toys everywhere. It was tough and fun picking out baby furniture.

10-01-17_2-27-40 PM

They spent a lot of money and time on this room. First, they had to remove all the furniture that was in this room. Old furniture:

08-14-17_6-10-08 PM
Bedroom #3

Then, they put up new decorations and arranged the nursery furniture. A spider came out to visit while they were redecorating. It’s that black thingy by the trashcan. Yep, that’s a spider.

10-01-17_3-04-50 PM

10-01-17_3-08-16 PM

Genji hung up the painting that Vivian painted for the nursery. “A if for Apple” by Vivian Stewart. Original name for this painting, LOL!!

10-01-17_3-06-43 PM

10-01-17_3-08-48 PM

Afterwards, Vivian was just too tired to think about re-painting so they decided not to bother at all. Besides, they hadn’t even picked out paint or carpet.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Vivian had painted the apple painting before she was pregnant. I kept it since it was a masterpiece. It seemed appropriate to hang up this painting in the nursery.
  • Genji is very emotional right now. He keeps flip flopping from happy to flirty.
  • I decided to leave the paint and carpet the neutral brown color. One, the room’s décor is colorful enough and I didn’t want it to clash with the walls. Two, the décor stands out a lot better without adding colorful carpet or paint.
  • I figured that there was a good possibility that there would be a spider behind the desk IRL so I added a web.

I finally installed the master controller mod (is that the right name, I forgot). I’m very excited and pleased with this mod. Since, I installed it, I’ve been playing with new Sims (don’t want to mess up Vivian’s life) and have had to fix some weird “occurrences”. The first time I played a family with this mod, the mother and teenage daughter spontaneously woohooed. Ack! Also, my sims and NCPs’ can’t stop woohooing! I suppose that is ok but I’m not to happy about the incest. If I change the family member woohoo, to disabled does that mean husband and wife won’t be able to? Please feel free to answer that question and feel free to leave suggestions, tips or funny/weird experiences with this mod.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Simming!









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