Interlude from Vivian’s Life

Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t played any Sims in about 3 weeks. Gasp! Shame on me…Anyway, I’ve been struggling with exhaustion and soreness. Having cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, several infections and almost dying in the hospital has worn me out, a lot more than I realized. I believe it’s been 2 years since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever be the same again. Sigh.

Now on to something completely different:

Ah, such a nice day for shorts, NOT!


This is what happens when you build a snowman while you’re wearing shorts. It turns into a teleporting evil snowman. Ooohh, scary!


Meanwhile, inside the house, a dance party of one is happening.



Huh, a two-headed horse. Never seen one of those before….

Screenshot-7Apparently, this lady hasn’t either. She looks disgusted and angry or maybe, disgustingly angry? She looks like she would beat you up if you said “Hi”.


Thanks for stopping by. Happy Simming!




2 thoughts on “Interlude from Vivian’s Life

  1. Sims is almost always good for a random, weird laugh. It’s fun seeing your Sims 3 game. I hope you start to get more energy and health back. I hope you will feel strong again soon! You have been really determined and persevered through a lot of hard things.

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    1. Thanks! Playing Sims and video games help with my mood. I am still homeschooling my kids so I started walking with them. I can only walk less than a mile every other day but at least I’m trying. My kids can walk farther of course. I still love Sims 3 more than Sims 4 but Sims 4 is growing on me. I can’t wait for the pets to come out. It’ll be strange to not be able to control them like in Sims 3. Still, I can’t wait. Thanks for all your support.

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