Sims Freeplay

Hello, again! I haven’t forgotten about Sims 4. I feel overwhelmed whenever I start to post and I keep putting off storytelling. In the meantime, I deleted my Sims Freeplay file and started over. Here’s my progress so far..My first house. This is Jk, he lives here with his wife and a teddy bear. Sometimes, deer wander into their yard.

Their teddy bear reading to a deer.

 Jk works at the town’s fire station. On his days off, he hangs out at the local clubhouse working on his golf swing.

Ooh, spicy! Nah, just kidding. Their teddy bear heard knocking and opened the door. The Junkrats have some new neighbors. Missy Goth is introducing herself. Her husband, A Goth, is out of town studying with a Grand Wizard. I forgot to mention…Jk and Cc’s last name is Junkrat.

Wizard school. The deer belong to the school but can be seen wandering around. There are a total of three deer. Hanzo, Genji (the spotted deer), and Reinhardt (the white deer). Reinhardt is around somewhere in town.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Simming!


4 thoughts on “Sims Freeplay

  1. Hi there! Starting a new freeplay game sounds fun and it’s so cool that you named one of your families the Goths. How do you get deer in Sims Freeplay? I uninstalled mine until I have time during a vacation because I’m at the quest just before the ghost hunting hobby and I really want to get the haunted house, but on a regular work schedule I wouldn’t be able to do it without using tons of LP. I also only need one more showjumping medal to get the unicorn, but I think this week I only got one new medal the whole week, having her showjump morning and night when I’m home to restart it.

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  2. Thank you! I deleted my original Sims Freeplay because I couldn’t save enough to be able build the mall, hospital, police station etc. I actually bought the deer from the online store. A message popped up saying they were on sale. I don’t usually spend real money on Freeplay but….Originally, the deer were part of a Christmas quest. I don’t know if that quest will come back. I managed to get the haunted house in previous game. I hope to get it again, I would like to move the Goths into it. I think that I’m going to name my Sims after Sim families like the Goths. I hope you get the unicorn! I’m friends with a couple of people on Facebook that have several pets in one area. Whenever I need LP, I visit one of them. Usually takes me 10 minutes to collect 8-13 LP. If you would like, I can tell you her Facebook/Sims Freeplay name.


  3. The mall takes forever to build! I also restarted for the same reason, and when I had the mall, I only finished about a floor and ahalf and it took weeks and weeks. My approach to the store for FreePlay is that I’ve always bought some Sims packs for my various sims games, and if I really want something I do buy it. I had a Sims Freeplay neighbor who had lots of dogs and cats on a lot and that’s a great way to get LP. I don’t know if that person is still my neighbor, and if he or she is, I’ll share their name too when I get back on the game, probably in mid June.


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