Spooky Party

Bobo and Roo decided to throw a Halloween party. Roo dressed up as a Suave Pirate.


Bobo picked a Grim Reaper costume which he found amusing.


The first guest has arrived but where are our hosts?


Found Bobo…having a drink and watching the witches dance. Candy looks like she’s after the candy bowl.


Yep, after the candy bowl. RAWR! Stay outta my candy! She managed to snag a piece without getting caught by Thing.


Pumpkin carving time. I still have no idea where Roo wandered off to. He wasn’t dancing and he’s not up here working out.


Hmm, other than the color, these two pumpkins look exactly alike. Also, they are facing different ways. Even though, I like the daring color choice of green, I vote for the traditional orange pumpkin. Plus, I like that I can see the flame better in the orange one.


I found Roo talking to Luna, dressed as a witch. The party was a success with lots of eating, dancing and drinking. Hope every one had a Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading! Happy Simming!


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