Happy Halloween!

Cat spam! So cute! Sorry for the sporadic posts. I really mean to post at least once a week. Apparently, I’m still recovering from cancer treatments and run out of energy or have chemo fog.  I found out that my iron is low (35) even though I take a supplement everyday. So, I’m tired a lot and get exhausted easily. I went to one of my doctors today and got an order for lymph draining massage.  Yay! I’ve had to have my left breast drained. The lymph is collecting there instead of my arm. I’m hoping the massage will help.


Best Halloween party ever! Look at the two dancing. They are too enamored with each other to worry about the fire. I was trying to have a gift-giving party but accidently chose the costume party.


All Roo wanted was candy…instead…Screams!! 10-20-16_11-01-03-pm

“Roo, you really shouldn’t eat candy from a zombie hand. Now, say Ahh.” Roo is wishing Bobo would hurry so he can hang out with Luna. Let’s check in on Luna.


She’s standing hesitantly by the stairs waiting for Roo. I wish he would hurry up. I’m soooo about to freak out right now, she thinks.


Ahh, I see, a big spider. I would be unhappy, too.


More spiders!! Eek!


Roo and Bobo have a few more Halloween decorations to put up. I’m not sure if they will or not. Roo is distracted by Luna and Bobo, well, he’s been working hard towards a promotion. He hopes to be the top scientist one day. As far as the real Roo and Bobo, Roo does get distracted easily. And Bobo says….

Happy Halloween!!!

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