TBT Photos

Is it throwback Tuesday or Thursday! No matter, enjoy some Sims 3 photos.   I recently downloaded Sims 3 Island Paradise. I do like the expansion but it was really glitchy. I lost boats, people swam around in the grass and other sorts of mayhem. It’s always a good day for swimming!


I have no idea where this genie came from. None of my Sims had a genie lamp. He wouldn’t leave. He just sat and watched TV and then morphed into the floor. I ended up deleting him, you know, like when you delete a dirty dish for them.


What’s going on!!?? Where’s my furniture!!??  Argh!


Umm. *eye roll* Whatever game.. The Sims are weird.


Hope you enjoyed Sims 3 pics. I still play Sims 3 every now and again. I enjoy the Sims 4 but 3 is still my favorite. Happy Simming and thanks for reading!


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