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Episode 2 of My Cats (as Sims)

dIt’s been about a week since I posted pictures. My Picc line has been out for 2 weeks and I’ve not had anymore infections! Yay! I’m very tired of having IV antibiotics. My poor arm still looks like a porcupine got to it (from all the IV sticks). Anyways, let’s see what my cats are up to…

09-05-16_9-23-02 PM.png

Bobo trying out his new costume, Cheshire cat, for Halloween.

09-05-16_9-23-17 PM.png

He can’t figure out how to switch back to visibility mode. He may have to get another costume, this one seems broken.

10-02-16_2-24-52 PM.png

Bobo finally managed to get the costume off but not before it malfunctioned and threw them back in time. Poor Roo, he has to live his teenage years over again.


Bobo approves of the time mishap. He was getting a little to close to becoming an elder.

10-02-16_2-50-34 PM.png

I made  a swimming pool for them using  “bb.moveobjects” and added waterfall decorations, lily pads and frog water emitters. Believe it or not, my first time using “bb.moveobjects”.

10-02-16_3-07-00 PM.png

Roo wanted to workout at the gym after school but Bobo insisted that Roo  do his homework before going to the gym. Bobo decided to help him.

10-02-16_4-53-06 PM.pngLook how skinny Roo looks especially next to the blue haired man.

10-02-16_8-32-04 PM.png

Yoga for one! He hired the masseur (blue guy), paid him and waited for him but the guy left. Didn’t even refund his money.

10-02-16_5-18-34 PM.png

Ha, Ha! Roo fell asleep in the tub. Next, episode moving to a new house! Thanks for reading!


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