BoBo and RooRoo; tale of two cats (sims 4 verison)

I finally remembered my password!! I haven’t been able to log in for a few days because I just could not remember my password. Plus, I haven’t been feeling too well. I would love to do an actual Sim Story but can’t seem to stay on track with it – I get to Generation 2 and my story peters out. So, I post funny pictures and if I’m lucky I’m able to piece a story together.

Meet BoBo Walker. Bobo is based off my cat. Yes, you read it right, my cat! In real life, I call Bobo “Mr. FancyPants” or a “dandy”. He’s very picky about his litter and I would imagine him dressing very neatly. In the Sims 4 world, he lives with his younger brother, RooRoo. (also, my cat). Roo’s is playful, likes to cover his food and water and make surprise attacks on his feline and human family.


Bobo has for some reason decided to eat in the bathroom. A dirty bathroom. Can’t say why? He ate his entire breakfast like this, take bite, think about himself. He didn’t even clean the bathroom once finished. 09-02-16_10-09-59-pm

Surprise! Bobo painted a self-portrait. Pretty decent. His brother is also a decent painter.

09-02-16_10-13-42-pmRooroo is also a flake. He took a shower then cleaned up sans clothes. Why game why!




Bobo and Mila on a date. They had a great time! Eventually, they got married, had one child. She passed away from embarrassment. Was brought back to life by the Wishing Well. Then my game repeatedly glitched to the point that I could not play it anymore. *sad face*. I’m going to reload Bobo and RooRoo but I can’t guarantee that they will have the same spouses. RooRoo was married to Elliot and they had 2 wonderful daughters.


Added bonus: Lucas Munch as a teenager. He has the outdoors trait so I dressed him as a cowboy ha ha!

09-04-16_11-31-23-pmI’m going to try to re-play Bobo and Rooroo. I promise to post pictures of the real Bobo and RooRoo. Wish me luck! Happy Simming!

I was nominated for Versatile Blogger Award and will do another post about that. Thank you so much for nominating me!



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