Random Photos

07-15-16_8-48-02 PM

Poor guy, had a birthday and morphed into a teen with this unfortunate hairdo. He thinks so anyway. His mood says “playful” but his face says “disgusted”.

07-18-16_2-44-30 PM

This café has an interesting uniform. I like the color scheme however I’m not sure many guys can pull of the high heels as well as this waiter.

07-30-16_10-48-21 PM

Meet Death, likes video games, dark colors, and his pet, Donut (pictured below):


Donut. Enjoys scaring the crap out of everyone and is loyal to Death.


Bad Parent of the Year goes to the lady who put her baby down in urine and walked off. Yep, urine. I watched it happen. The toilet was not broken and no one was using it. She peed and then put her baby down and walked off.



Hope you enjoyed! I make no promises when I will post again – I want to post once a week but my red blood cells have been low so I’ve been extra fatigued. I will feel better one day…at least that’s what the doctors tell me. I’m still homeschooling my kids. My 9th grader is in brick and mortar high school and is enjoying it. The other two will probably do the same as well. I found a picture of me from 7 yrs ago. I can’t believe how long my hair was before cancer. I had long hair until I had to cut and shave it off because of chemotherapy. Have a good day!! Bye!!

me b4 cancer





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