Paolo Gets His Birthday Wish

Hello, I’m back! I’m done with antibiotics and radiation and I’m so happy! I have been playing the Sims 4 just not posting much. Any thoughts on the new update? Anyone have the dining pack yet? I like the new update, now, I can delete the pregnancy for everyone mod. Plus, dressing my Sims in any type of clothing is awesome. I haven’t gotten the new pack, yet. Anyhow, back to Guy and Paolo.

05-31-16_10-38-45 PM

First, Selfie Time!!

06-09-16_10-02-21 PM

I love her expression. She is really getting into her story about basketball.

06-09-16_10-27-47 PM

Um, yeah. I think she forgot the rest of her knight outfit. Oh well, she seems excited about joining the club or maybe cupcakes. Not sure which.

05-26-16_10-32-22 PM

It’s Paolo’s birthday! He officially becomes an adult. His wish….to have Guy’s clothes disappear.

05-26-16_10-32-43 PM

Birthday Sparkles! Looks painful, glad that doesn’t happen on my birthday.

06-13-16_9-06-33 AM

Aw, Paolo’s wish came true. Once again, the game update got rid of all mods and cc. Poor Guy, always losing his clothes.

06-13-16_9-17-27 AM

Hee Hee. I gave him maternity clothes.

06-13-16_9-41-16 AM

Guy did not like the clothes I picked out for him. I was watching the “movie club” (I think Jessica started it) when I noticed Guy get in the bathtub. No big deal, right. But then….he came out of the bathroom wearing this get-up.  He cracks me up! I’m pretty sure he had cc pants before the update.

Bye for now and Happy Simming!


4 thoughts on “Paolo Gets His Birthday Wish

  1. Hey there, glad you’re done with radiation! I love Guy’s cowboy hat & undies look, very cute. Paolo’s new look is so great, I love the update with the gender fluidity and new choices for pregnancy etc.

    I’ve been playing some but not in my regular saves since the patch, waiting for an update to MC Command Center and an EA patch for Dine Out. Dine Out is fun; great stuff, and playing the restaurant owner game is fun. My medical career has developed a new glitch where the sims reset every time you do a test on them and you have to readmit them to the hospital bed again. Co-workers also seem to be locked in on one interaction and not really doing their jobs. Also, the dine out pack appears to spawn new family members and add them to sims’ trees, to have them dine together as customers. So I’m hoping for fixes to those bugs before opening my main games again.


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