Camping Photos

Back with more from Guy and Paolo….

While Paolo was still sleeping, Guy decided to search for rocks. He found a MySim inside this rock. Now, who on Earth would put a figurine inside a rock. Aliens? The Men in Black? Guy was not sure and thought he would start searching the deep web for clues once they got back from camping.

05-26-16_10-09-15 PM

“Horseshoes! Yay! I need one of these for the house!!” Paolo loves sports, any type of sporty activity makes him very happy.

05-26-16_10-14-24 PM

“Fire!” Guy chuckled to himself.

05-26-16_10-16-03 PM

Noooo! C’mon, Paolo put it out! Meanwhile, Guy is feeling very flirty. Guy stop feeling flirty and help your man out. Sheesh!

05-26-16_10-19-03 PM

Thank goodness Paolo survived. Apparently, Paolo has thick skin. I’m pretty sure getting fire on your skin would hurt like heck and leave a burn. He just shrugged it off and started playing his guitar.

05-26-16_10-19-52 PM

Paolo: Today’s my birthday. Will you bake me a cake? I love your cakes, they are so delish.

Guy: Of course, I will. There’s one problem, I can’t find a stove anywhere in this park so we have to go home early.

05-26-16_10-12-36 PM

Gamenotes: I had them travel to all the cabins. Neither Guy or Paolo could knock on the doors. The only door option they got was “lock or unlock for club members”. What!? Off, to home they went.

Cancer notes: I had my last radiation treatment this Friday (6/3). I have a very weird tan. I mean it’s a nice tan and all but it’s only on one part of my body. I still put on the RadiaPlex Gel cream. The area still feels a little warm. Also, I have a light sunburn on my back so I put the cream on their as well. I noticed from my CT of my chest that I do have a weird area that might be from radiation. It is in my left upper lung lobe… a calcified granuloma. I will have to print up the report and take it to my oncologist. I did look it up on the internet and I think since it is a calcified granuloma, there isn’t any treatment. Still, I’m going to check with my doctor.

Kitten Spam:  https://youtu.be/31nt5JfamtQ

Byez for now!



4 thoughts on “Camping Photos

    1. The new update is funny. It is funny to have to men get each other pregnant. I probably won’t have them wear ladies clothes much. I’ve been messing with that option and it makes me laugh. Well, I get to rest 6 months then actually get breast reconstruction done. Yay! I’m so glad to be done.

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  1. Sounds like a glitch with the doors! My sims haven’t been to Granite Falls in a while, I wonder if they have that glitch. So funny about the doll in rock… you’re right, Guy, that’s just weird! And it’s so much fun seeing them enjoying themselves over simple things. I think it is really great that the developers finally are making it possible in a vanilla game to customize gender and reproduction. More people will be able to play the way they truly want to, without depending on a mod.

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