Guy and Paolo – Workout

Looking good there, Paolo. He’s very muscular and buff…

05-06-16_1-11-29 PM

…And he knows it

05-06-16_1-11-59 PM

Guy is trying to catch up with Paolo’s exercise skill. He’s getting ready to run but wants to make sure no one is watching.

05-06-16_12-19-51 PM

And he’s off! Jogging at night, cool, less people…perfect! Guy looks very determined to jog at least a mile.

05-06-16_12-20-18 PM

He did jog one mile. Very good, Guy. Keep working out!

Update: Sunday (Mother’s Day), I felt really bad and went to the ER. I was diagnosed with cellulitis and admitted to the floor. I was supposed to stay for 2 weeks but ended up being discharged Wednesday. I’m doing IV antibiotics at home, again. My cellulitis is almost gone. I, also, have 3 weeks left of radiation. Not sure if I’m going to do all 3 weeks, I’m very tired and really don’t want to get sick again. I have a harder time with infection when I’m tired.


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