Happy Mother’s Day!

For all you mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day! Unfortunately, I spent Mother’s Day lying on the couch sick. Over the weekend, I felt achy and had a fever. Monday, I go see my radiation doctor and plan to tell him about feeling horrible. I don’t think it’s related to the radiation. Hopefully, he will prescribe some antibiotics. Anyway…Enjoy Guy’s pig painting (a masterpiece)!

05-06-16_12-29-06 PM

I caught this guy in mid clothes change. Looks like he’s jumping for joy!

05-05-16_5-41-56 PM

The “I really got to use the bathroom” walk brought to you by Sims 4.

05-05-16_6-24-19 PM

I did manage to make a video before I started feeling bad. Here’s a link, https://youtu.be/C-WdaK7krFY  I hope you enjoy watching. Thanks for reading!

Update: I just realized that is episode 2. So, here is a link to episode 1: https://youtu.be/6cWIBw0L6l4


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