Party Pictures and Roo (my kitten)

Party pictures! Well, only 3. I could’ve sworn I took more than 3. Hmmm. Anyway….

Jessica invited Bernardo over. The teens chatted at a table while the adults mingled. Where were Guy and Paolo? Well, they had “retreated” to a closet. With their moods improved, they mingled with the birthday girl and other guests.

04-28-16_4-15-50 PM

Jessica started dancing with Bernardo. She decided to tell him a flirtatious joke. Laughing, he told her one back. Soon, they were flirting back and forth. Yep, he is the same kid who would invite her to dance clubs before they were teens. They flirted, kissed hands and embraced each other for what seemed like hours before…

04-28-16_4-20-01 PM

…Jessica leaned in for a quick kiss. He seemed surprised. Maybe, he wanted to kiss her first?

04-28-16_4-21-11 PM

She had a wish to ask him to be her boyfriend. Soooo…they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. They really hit it off as kids and as teens. I hope Kristine finds someone to date.



Roo: I lick my nose cause I can.

nose lick


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