Guy and Paolo

Hello, I’m back! I’ve been busy since Easter and haven’t had time to play or blog. Friday (25th) was my birthday and to celebrate, I adopted Roo from Cloverhill Rescue. He’s 3mos old.  He’s playful and loves to cuddle.  My two older cats are slowly accepting him.  I had a hard time taking his picture because he’s always running around. He’s sooo tiny! Right now, he weighs 3lbs.

roo 32016

One morning, Guy got up early to make breakfast. For some reason, he couldn’t find his clothes. “Why did I get out bed for this?! Where are my clothes?! I can’t cook like this!” I had to zoom in for a closer like at his face. He is very angry yet inspired. I had forgotten that the update removes all cc from the game when I started playing. Don’t worry, he soon found his clothes.

03-22-16_2-59-12 PM

03-22-16_2-59-25 PM

“I love this new kitchen so much I’m gonna cook breakfast scramble for everyone” Guy and Paolo had contractors rebuild their house. One of the pipes under the house had busted and was spewing smelly gunk everywhere. The plumber told them it couldn’t be fixed without destroying the first floor. So, new house with new pipes.

03-28-16_9-52-28 PM

The breakfast scramble smelled delish but cake is way better.  Guy thought, “It’s a breakfast food. I mean it does have eggs in it.”

03-28-16_9-53-23 PM

Paolo had been encouraging him to workout lately and Guy decided to give it a try.  “I’ll  workout after Kristine goes to school. Working out can wait a few more minutes, he thought. Plus, he wanted to workout with Paolo who was still sleeping. Paolo had gotten home late from work last night. He should get another promotion soon. I think he is level 4 in the Athlete career.

03-28-16_10-34-43 PM

Sometime later that day, Paolo and Guy went to a dance party. It was pretty lame as parties go. The only interesting thing that happened was Marcus tried to feel inside Eva’s stomach. No one knew why he did this. Not even Eva.

03-28-16_10-42-57 PM

Side note: Paolo left the party angry because he thought it was lame. Guy had a good time even though all he did was “fertilize” a bush, eat and talk to Paolo and other people. I had to rebuild the house to get rid of the phantom smell. I never could figure out the source.

Cancer Treatment Update: My doctor finally removed the last drain yesterday (Tuesday). I made the mistake of looking at the bit that was inside me. Ugh. I’m a nurse and can handle a lot of grossness but jeez what I saw was really too much. It was flat looking and 1/2″ wide. Maybe not 1/2″ wide but it looked like it. No wonder it bothered me and no wonder it hurts when it’s removed. Ok, this is the removal process – clean the area, cut the stitch and yank out the tube. Then, clean the area and put a dressing on it. If you ever have a JP drain, now you know how it’ll be removed.  Amazingly, I can remove the dressing one day later and the insertion site will be healed. Today, I’m going to the radiation center and have radiation mapping done. The radiation doctor told me that it’ll take a week to finalize a treatment plan then I start radiation.  I’m getting closer to being finished with cancer treatment.

Happy Simming and thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Guy and Paolo

  1. Aww!! Kitty!! >^_^< He is so cute! ( I'm kinda crazy cat lady) Our kitten only wants cuddle in the morning for food. He no longer a "kitten" because he is 1 years old. 😦

    How long is your treatments? Your brave for looking, I'm sure I would threw up and pass out. I can't handle gross stuff. I freak out from seeing my own blood.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to go for 6 weeks. I’m glad I only looked at the last drain. I probably would’ve been more anxious at the appointment if I had seen it before. I was already anxious because I knew what it felt like when it comes out. Roo is so cute. Right now he makes a chirping sound when he wants me to pick him up.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That isn’t too bad. If I remember right my mom did the same. It made her weak for some reason.

        Soon you’ll be 100% cancer free!!

        Aww! That is cute. Our cat makes that noise when he see a bird outside.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Birthday! and Roo is adorable!! Kittens are a lot of fun. We have a domestic with the same kind of markings and she is, we are convinced, the world’s sweetest cat.

    That shot of Guy’s expression and your commentary is hilarious! And I love your story explanation for the inexplicable smelliness in the kitchen. So did rebuilding the bottom floor get rid of the glitch? That’s good to know.

    Eva’s face when Marcus was feeling inside her stomach is such a funny annoyed look. Take care, you are getting closer to being done with the treatments!


    1. Yes, no more bad smells. I love Guy’s expressions. That one fit perfectly – I completely forgot about his cc clothes. He was standing in the kitchen with underwear, black socks and shoes! Roo is like having a baby. He’s always getting into stuff and trying to eat fluff. He is very sweet kitten.

      Liked by 1 person

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