Smelly Glitch

My appointment with my doctor went well yesterday.  She took out the right drain but not the left – it was draining 45cc. It needed to be below 30cc or less for two days in a row. If the fluid is not drained out, I could get an infection. Or if the drain is taken out too soon, I could get a pocket of fluid under my skin and have to get it drained. Bleah. Anyway, I’m very glad that at least one of the drains have been removed. Making progress! Once, the other is removed, I can start radiation. I asked her why the left drain was so slow in drying up. I had thought it was because some of my lymph nodes had been removed on my left side. I was right.

My game has a weird glitch. Unidentified stinky smell. I can’t find the source anywhere. I re-did the kitchen, walls and floor. Still, my Sims think of smelly shoes, garbage or wave their hands in front of their noses when they sit down to eat. I may have to move them to a new lot or make a totally new house.

03-20-16_9-13-11 PM

Guy is enlightening Paolo on why Llamas are really aliens and shouldn’t be trusted.

03-20-16_9-15-40 PM

Paolo is so patient with Guy. They are a good match. I don’t think he believes in Guy’s theory, though.

03-20-16_9-15-57 PM

Kristine is learning how to bend the rules of physics. She is demonstrating how to eat grilled cheese through a desk.

03-20-16_9-29-42 PM

Jessica! Jessica! Stop doodling on the table! Sigh, I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m going to have to demolish the house anyway just to get rid of the mysterious smell.

03-20-16_9-42-38 PM

Side note: My drains are called JP drains. I’m really not amused that I have to get rid of Guy and Paolo’s house. I like the house but I can’t find the source of the smell anywhere. I tried to ignore them being disgusted but it’s starting to annoy me.

Till next time, Happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “Smelly Glitch

  1. I had that blasted smelly glitch all the time in the kitchen in my legacy house! Every once in a while I found a plate under a cabinet but usually I could find NOTHING. And with a neat sim, they are stressed every time they go in the room, so it is a real pain!


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