Another visit with the Doc.

I’m going to the doctor today. Hopefully, she’ll yank these dang drains out. (feel free to replace dang with whatever curse word you use) The stupid things have been in for 6 weeks now. Last time I saw her, she did say that she would have to take them out eventually because she didn’t want to mess up my radiation schedule. She didn’t say mess up but I forgot the exact words she used. I so want to take a shower. Tired of tub baths. In other news, I saw this exciting workout outfit.  He has on a weight belt! I did not know that outfit exsisted in the Sims 4.

03-16-16_3-10-13 PM

I also came across Geoffry Landgraab’s elder double. Seriously, the guy even had the same glasses. Looks like it’s time for a old timey shoot-out! Nah, they just ignored each other.

03-16-16_8-42-15 PM

I think my kids’ sense of humor is rubbing off on me. I found this painting hilarious. Paolo looks like he is laughing at the painting, as well. He was painting a flirty painting at the time. One on my kids asked why Guy was in his underwear. T0 clarify, that’s his swimsuit. They were in the hot tub before painting.

03-20-16_8-22-14 PM

This picture needs macaroni! I shall not look where I’m putting them cause I’m just that good.

03-20-16_9-04-29 PM

Yep, perfect. I think it needs a few sprinkles.

03-20-16_9-04-40 PM

*Sprinkle, Sprinkle*

03-20-16_9-05-00 PM

I immediately regret my decision for sprinkles. Why did I add sprinkles?

03-20-16_9-05-12 PM

I will try to post tomorrow about today’s doctor appointment. If she doesn’t take at least one out, I may be to bummed to post. I really want these drains gone so I can start the last leg of my cancer treatment – radiation. I’m not counting breast reconstruction as treatment because umm I don’t want to. I guess technically it is because I had bilat. mastectomy but I just want to be done with cancer treatment so I’m not counting it. I managed to add audio to my Sims 4 video. I promise I will get better with my videos just bear with me. It’s a learning experience for me.

Here’s the link:   https://youtu.be/FUXZn9KC4Uc

Thanks so much for reading and watching!







2 thoughts on “Another visit with the Doc.

  1. That totally makes sense to me to consider reconstruction as a new start after instead of part of the treatment. And those drains sound awful. I love your commentary on the macaroni and Guy in his speedos was funny. I don’t know the first thing about making videos, good for you figuring out the sound.


    1. Thanks! The plastic surgeon took one of the drains out today. Even though I still have one left, I feel better about my progress. Getting closer to being done! She threw the macaroni on there with her eyes closed the whole time.


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