Kissing a Llamacorn

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been messing around with recording videos. I finally got audio on my videos. It took me five tries to make a video before I finally committed to one. I didn’t edit it because my voice sounded weird. You know when you record your voice and then listen to it…it doesn’t sound how you think it does.

Paolo off to work in the best uniform ever. Go, Llamacorns!!

03-14-16_8-30-34 PM

Jessica wanted to go to the park with her sister, Kristine, but Kristine was tired. Jessica decided to go by herself. She met Kayla there. They got along very well. They even liked the same clothes. She invited her to come over and meet Kristine.

03-14-16_8-34-16 PM

Kristine and Kayla did not get along. Kristine told her a joke about cans and Kayla thought it was dumb. Guy just got home from work and is very happy. He got a promotion today! It makes him think of muscles or maybe he’s really thinking about Paolo.

03-14-16_8-36-13 PM

So happy and confident, he kissed a llamacorn! It looks weird. They seem to be merging into each other.

03-14-16_8-42-39 PM

Bella – model thin, no muscles. I knew Bella was thin but good grief! Eat something before the wind blows you away.

Gym trainer – normal weight, muscles.

03-14-16_9-13-02 PM

Telling secrets to each other. Judging by his expression, Jessica must have told him a juicy secret.

03-14-16_9-17-46 PM

Guy may have painted  Mr. Landgraab.  I’m not sure but it does look a little like him. I want the kitty painting.

03-14-16_9-23-25 PM

Notes: Kristine and Kayla really didn’t like each other. Almost, every interaction was negative even the jokes. Kayla does get along with Jessica.

Here’s the link to the video: https://youtu.be/rD2Or3DV2S0












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