More Cancer Treatment

Before my appointment with my radiation doctor, I tried to take a nap. I say tried because I kept feeling someone staring at me:IMG_20160307_111539910

She stared at me for 15 minutes. Crazy cat. It’s official I have to have 6 weeks of radiation. Oh well. I did learn that as of right now I have a 30% chance of getting cancer again. After, radiation, it will drop to 7%. I certainly don’t want to go through chemo again so radiation it is. I have to go back on the 21st to get 3-D mapping of the area done. That’s so the radiation doesn’t affect my heart, lungs etc. Then I start radiation…I think a week later. I forgot what the doc said. I was nervous and now I can’t remember when he said I’d start. Oops. Well, they’ll let me know on the 21st.

My Sims 4 has been lagging so I don’t have any new Guy and Paolo pictures. I probably need to get rid of some mods or cc. Until I play them again, here are some random Sims.

I’ve played darts before and never threw one behind me. If that guy behind him had been any closer, the dart would’ve gotten him in the foot.


“Aw crap! I got my hand stuck inside the computer again.” Looks like that hurts.

hand thru computer

Death at the workplace. So, sad. Grim left the urn there as a nice reminder. Thanks, Grim. Way to make the workplace awful. Every day, people would stop by the urn and cry. The inmates were always sad. I finally moved the urn to upstairs.


Ensuring a job promotion by napping in front of your boss.


Has anyone ever made it to level 10 in the Detective career? I haven’t. My Sims get to level 5 then constantly want a day off and get tense if they don’t get one. I made it to level 10 Scientist without this issue.

Here’s a new video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvdIPtnCjnE



6 thoughts on “More Cancer Treatment

  1. Sorry to hear your game’s lagging, what a pain! I have only played the Law Enforcement career for a few days so I don’t know about the tense bug. Best of luck with your radiation, and hopefully you’ll have a great couple weeks of rest before that starts.


    1. I think I fixed my lag problem. Yay! I have been finally more energetic lately so that’s good. My surgery site is more annoying than painful except when I do too much or move the wrong way. I’m going to try the Law Enforcement career again. I would really like to get to level 10 at least once.

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