Jessica and Kristine Blizzard

02-23-16_9-25-51 PM

Baby spam! Paolo and Guy bonding with their babies. I have no idea which baby is which.

02-14-16_12-55-53 PM

Another baby picture.

02-23-16_9-42-59 PM


Ok, so I gave them a bigger house and these are the looks I got. Apparently, they did not approve of the new house.

02-23-16_10-26-42 PM

Paolo, please just eat Guy’s grilled cheese! It’s sitting right over there on the counter.

“No, I can cook, too. See, I’m making a salad. It’ll be delish!”

Earwax salad, yuck. He ate his earwax salad and enjoyed it. Yucky.

02-23-16_10-00-37 PM

Guy created an art club and invited the club to his house. He then proceeded to tell himself a story. Cassandra looks like she’s trying hard not to laugh.

02-23-16_11-07-06 PM

I grew up the twins and tried to take a picture of them both together. Failed! Either one wasn’t looking at the camera or making a weird face. So, I had to take them separately. I think they look more like Paolo than Guy. That may change when they’re teenagers.  Here’s Kristine, she has Paolo’s hair color and Guy’s green eyes.

02-25-16_7-02-26 PM

Jessica also has Paolo’s hair color and Guy’s green eyes.

02-23-16_11-14-13 PM

Kristine’s homework is encoded on her hand. No, seriously, I don’t know where her book is…invisible?

02-25-16_6-56-11 PM


“Ew, gross! Get out of my room!”

02-25-16_6-57-24 PM

I love his face after they kissed. Very pleased with himself.

02-25-16_6-57-05 PM

Guy, on the other hand, looks lost in thought or smirking. He’s supposedly feeling confident.

Smallish update: I still don’t know if I’m doing radiation. I thought I would talk about it with my oncologist but she referred me to a Radiation Doctor. My appt. isn’t until the 7th. More waiting. My surgery took 6 hrs.  Basically, I had two surgeries at once. First, the Oncologist Surgeon removed the tumor and 7 of my lymph nodes then the plastic surgeon inserted tissue expanders. I have to have tissue expanders before I have breast reconstruction. That’s so my skin is stretched enough to accept the breast implants. So far, I’m still sore. I’m thinking it’s because I still have two drains. Can’t wait for those to be removed. They have to be draining 30cc or less for two days. Today – 45cc. Ugh. It’s hard to be patient sometimes.

Happy Simming!




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