Hello! Sims Freeplay Photos

Rocking out with his baby sister…

   He has mastered the art of hovering. Why sit in a chair when you can hover?
 Playtime! Looks like the kitten is joining in as well.

I finally collected all the ghosts and bought this thingy(can’t remember what it is called). Granny is wondering if any of her deceased friends are in there. Could be…plenty of my Sims have passed on.

  London is working on his water heater. Too bad Sims Freeplay doesn’t have a handiness hobby.
My puppy refuses to drop his dog biscuit. I can’t figure out how to make him drop it. Weird glitch.

I haven’t been playing Sims 4 for a few days now. My armpits hurt from the surgery and I have a hard time holding my laptop. I’m hoping that in a few days I’ll be less sore. I’m using my iPad…trying to get used to using WordPress on it.

The surgeon told me that my cancer was completely gone. Yay! Monday I see my oncologist and will probably discuss the possibility of radiation treatment. I don’t really want to do radiation. I really am tired of all this medical stuff. It’s been 8 months since I’ve been diagnosed and I’m only halfway done with treatment 😕. 

Goodbye for now! 


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