Happy Valentines Day

02-14-16_12-35-30 PM

Guy opens his shop one last time. After talking with Paolo, he decides to focus more on painting than his business. He sells the shop at closing time.  Looks like Zoe is talking his ear off.

02-14-16_12-46-04 PM

Paolo asks Guy out on a nice quiet date. He even made some grilled fruit. They have a nice, relaxing dinner overlooking the ocean.

02-14-16_12-46-28 PM

These two, if I leave them alone, all they do is flirt with each other. Paolo really wants to light the bonfire after they eat. He kept rolling that wish so….the plan was to light the bonfire and snuggle. Instead this is what happened…

02-14-16_12-50-16 PM

On the way to the bonfire….. Guy goes in labor, Paolo freaks out and races off to take a nap. This is the first time I’ve seen Guy look so miserable. Going into labor pretty much ended the date. No medals…received a notice saying that it was the worst date ever. Thanks game *sarcasm*. I wasn’t paying attention to Guy and how far along he was in the pregnancy.  He hadn’t been out of the house since he got pregnant. I really thought he had more time. Nope.

02-14-16_12-51-55 PM

Since, Guy drank some TV offer juice to become pregnant, they went to the hospital. Poor guys. They both are bushed. Look how huge Guy looks…I hope he makes it to the hospital bed.

02-14-16_12-51-41 PM

At least the doctor is wide awake and chipper.

02-14-16_12-52-35 PM

Poor Paolo. So tired and so stressed…he didn’t follow Guy instead he ran off and started working out in the hospital’s gym.

02-14-16_12-54-20 PM

Normal healthy little girl. I thought I had a picture of Paolo holding one of the babies in the hospital. I can’t find it anywhere.

02-14-16_12-55-53 PM

Yep, they had twin girls.  Jessica and Kristen Blizzard. I did not see that coming. Now I really need to fix their house.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


One thought on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Happy Valentines, and welcome to Jessica & Kristen, two little Valentines babies! I think you got ripped off; going into labor shouldn’t end the date as a failure, they should have a special prize for that. I was on a date with my husband when I went into labor with my youngest (well, had been having contractions all day but we went to a movie and while there they got less than 5 min apart.) She was born two hours later! It was City of Angels with Meg Ryan.

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