Movies, pregnancy and such

02-08-16_9-04-44 PM

Paolo decides to meet Marcus at the gym. They haven’t hung out much since he got married plus he had heard a rumor that the coach was considering promoting him. Paolo really wanted a promotion especially with a baby on the way. Marcus was pretty close to the coach so this would be perfect. Find out if the rumor is true and work out.  Another thing, Paolo could have sworn he saw Guy look at Marcus with goo-goo eyes. “Maybe, he was ogling Marcus’ muscles,” thought Paolo. He couldn’t bring himself to ask about Guy but did ask about the promotion.

Marcus, “You should get a promotion next time you come to work. How’s it going, anyway? I haven’t seen you at the gym lately.”

Paolo, “It’s going. We’re trying to build a baby room but I’m thinking about moving instead. Guy was talking about cleaning the upstairs of his shop and us staying there. If we do that, I’m gonna make our house into a gym/party house. ”

Marcus, “That sounds like a lot of work. If you need help, give me a call. I can round up a few fellas to help out. Now, let’s go work out.”

02-08-16_2-35-28 PM

This is a gym trainer. I don’t remember his name but there he is in all his huge glory. I was going to take pictures of Paolo working out with Marcus but didn’t so I give you this gym trainer. A lot of the gym trainers in my Sims games are huge. Sometimes, they look more overweight than buff. Side note: Guy did flirt with Marcus at some point but Paolo didn’t catch him. They had invited some friends over and I was focusing on Paolo when I noticed someone was in their bed woo-hooing. Well, it was Guy and Marcus. I was so upset I didn’t play them for a week. Then, I got over it. So far, Guy has been ignoring Marcus. It must have been a one time fling.

02-08-16_9-15-29 PM

“So, Mr. Tub, you think I should put a baby room downstairs or upstairs? How about in my shop?” It’s always good to get advice from your tub.

02-08-16_9-16-47 PM

“Stop, talking to the tub and come to bed.”

02-08-16_4-21-41 PM

“Bed sounds good. But first a movie!” Guy has been happy and restless during his pregnancy. If I leave him alone, he wanders around doing random things. Talking to the bathtub, painting, drinking and if Paolo is around, he flirts and talks to him. I beginning to think that he drinks more than he eats. That little chief hat doesn’t mean he’s cooking, it means he’s going to make a drink.

02-08-16_9-12-44 PM

Guy was happy that Paolo got up to watch a movie with him. Paolo wasn’t really interested in the movie, though He spent the whole time eating popcorn and sweet talking Guy.

02-08-16_9-13-35 PM

“Paolo, watch the movie!”    Ha Ha! That’s a link to my 2nd attempt at editing. I really didn’t mean to have the link embedded into the text. I didn’t know that wordpress could do that. Oh well. Yesterday, I realized that I attempted to edit the second video while recovering from surgery. I’m still recovering but I’m less foggy headed. Maybe 3rd attempt will be better.





2 thoughts on “Movies, pregnancy and such

  1. Well I am somewhat disappointed in Guy but glad he’s not continuing to chase Marcus seeing as he and Paolo are having a baby together. You mentioned foggy brain- I think it’s amazing what you’ve been able to do with your posts and simming in spite of everything you’re dealing with.

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  2. Thanks! I was really upset with Guy over that incident. I still don’t know why that happened. Even when Marcus visits, Guy pretty much ignores him. Guy seems to really like Paolo which makes glad that Paolo didn’t find out for real. I would hate to have them fight. They are always so cute together.

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