Simming after Surgery


“Kiss me m’lady.”  “Oh yes, handsome knight.” Her husband doesn’t appear to notice that she’s kissing someone other than him. Maybe, he thinks the guy is a statue.


“Must check out this wiggling bush! Surely, something awesome is hiding in there!”


“Gah! Can not unsee!”


Hmmm, looks painful. Light, do you  find a fishing pole shoved in your face painful? 5“Yes, yes, I do.” He ended up beating her up and declaring her an enemy. If you ask me, I thought his reaction was a little overboard but this is Sims.


“Yay! My house is on fire!” Haven’t seen this reaction, yet. I had to make him put out the fire otherwise he would have just stood there and clapped.


Finally, putting out the fire – with a little prompting from me.6

Feeling so confident from his fiery afternoon, he decides to play card games.

Update: I had a bilateral mastectomy on Weds. Discharged from the hospital on Thursday. Feeling a bit better today (Tuesday). Next week, I will see my oncologist and probably discuss what stage the cancer was and my radiation schedule. Not to keen on getting radiation but then I’ll know that I will have killed the cancer. I don’t mind answering any questions about breast cancer or surgery. It’s a scary, tiring, painful and hopeful process.

I just got back to playing Sims and other video games. I’ve been too tired and out of it (pain meds) to play. I recently got a video editor and have uploaded a Sims video on YouTube. It needs work but it was my first attempt. There is sound but no dialogue. If I do another one, I’ll put dialogue…text not talking. I have to decide if I’m going to try to do a story or just do little blurbs (really short stories). Link to video. View if you like.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk3Luwk34dk




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