Guy and Paolo

01-28-16_8-33-34 PM

Hey, Guy! I’m creeping on you..hee hee

01-28-16_8-33-48 PM

Thinks to self’ “I feel like someone’s watching me.”

01-28-16_8-54-22 PM

It’s 7am, obviously time for a drink. Right, Guy. “Yep.”

01-28-16_8-24-57 PM

This is Paolo Rocca. He and Guy met at Discotheque Pan Europa in Windenburg . They hit it off and quickly became friends. Paolo invited Guy to join the Partihaus Club. Guy responded with an estatic yes. Little did Guy know that Paolo really wanted to flirt with him. Turns out, Paolo felt safe doing some serious flirting with Guy during club meetings. Guy flirtly responded back and they soon married. I did not take pictures of them flirting – I really didn’t think their flirting was going anywhere but Guy had several romantic wishes involving Paolo.

01-28-16_8-26-13 PM

Random flirting and drinking soon followed by woohoo.

01-28-16_8-34-50 PM

More flirting, this time poolside.  Joaquin “I’m so angry! I don’t know why I’m angry but I’m angry!” *kicks over trash can” Joaquin “Yuck, why is there trash all over the place. Now, I’m even angrier!”  I don’t even know why they invited him over. They totally ignored him.  I had to make them talk to Joaquin so he would stop having tantrums.

01-28-16_8-41-36 PM

After Paolo heads off to work, Guy decides to open his store. He seldom opens his store. Even though, his shop is only open 2 or 3 days a week, he manages to always make money.

01-28-16_8-42-52 PM

“Don’t mind me folks. Just doing a little cooking.” Guy eating at work is a common occurrence. I really don’t know how he makes money.

01-28-16_9-01-11 PM

Paolo: Do you guys mind? I was planning to use this.

Clara: Really, Paolo. You were just going to sit on me?

Paolo: Yes, yes I was.

01-28-16_9-18-52 PM

Jade busting out some fire dance moves.

01-28-16_9-11-39 PM

Guy decides to tell Paolo some unexpected news. “Guess what, Paolo! I’m pregnant!” Overhearing the conversation, Jade wonders how on Earth that happened. She’s so confused by Guy’s pregnancy.  She begins to wonder if the alien abduction rumors are true.

01-28-16_9-11-54 PM

Oh my God! I thought you were just eating too much. Awesome, I’m going to be a father but um how did this happen?

01-28-16_9-13-09 PM

Guy, “You see, I was watching TV late one night and this ad came on. They were giving away a secret pregnancy formula to the first 100 people. So, I called. As soon, as I got it in the mail, I made the drink.” Paolo, “Oh yea, I totally get it. I, mean, you know we talked about adopting but I didn’t think you could get pregnant. So, no aliens?” Guy laughed. “No. No, aliens. I made a drink and ta-dah!” Jade still wondered if aliens were involved. She could not believe that a drink could make it possible for a man to get pregnant. But, Guy seemed adamant about no aliens and Paolo wasn’t questioning the pregnancy.

That’s as far as I got while playing. Yes, Guy is pregnant. He hasn’t started the pregnancy walk but he does have a baby bump.






3 thoughts on “Guy and Paolo

  1. I wasn’t planning on them getting married or being romantically involved. Originally, Guy was going to own a shop and paint. I hadn’t intended on him even joining clubs. Apparently, they had other plans. Paolo really did invite him to join the Partihaus. I suspect Paolo just wanted an excuse to flirt with him.

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