TBT – Sims 3

I  still play Sims on my iPad. Usually, at night when I can’t sleep. I finished the puppy quest. I now can buy puppies and kittens. Yay! 
Will you marry me? 

Yes, I will.

  A few months later, they had a baby girl. They sold a lot of the den items and turned it into a nursery.
Meanwhile, their friend, Miller, had a new baby of his own. A beautiful kitten named Jack. Miller was convinced his kitten would be the next internet star.

 Tobias’ household had a new addition as well. A greyhound puppy named Goodball. Tobias wanted to train the puppy a little before introducing him to his son, Sam. Tobias was hoping the puppy would cheer up Sam. Ever since Sam’s mother had passed away from cancer, he had been quiet and kept to himself. Tobias felt better playing with Goofball and hoped his son would as well.
Tobias’ dad still enjoyed bonding with the elderly Potatoes, a German Shepard from a rescue facility. Their bond was so strong it could pass through doors.

Cookie  and Grace enjoy  some patty cake time, cat style. Meanwhile, it seems that the vampire couple are having a bit of fun. Babies?  We’ll have to wait and see. London and Dean already have a teenage son,two cats and a parrot. Could they handle another addition to the household? London’s an artist, loves cats and Dean who is a ghost hunter. They divorced after their son’s 14th birthday. London felt that Dean wasn’t around much and maybe even had a love interest on the side. They reconciled after much talking and remarried. 

One thing that keeps me from playing this game is that the higher rank your town, the more simoleons you need. I have several not built places because I would have to fork over 850,000 for one building. Irritating! I would love to build some new stuff but I’ve never been able to save up enough simeoleons.   Sometimes, I don’t play for 4 days in a row and I get messages saying the town misses you. When I log back in, I will occasionally get free lifestyle points or free simoleons. Yippee! 

I do like the new baby, toddler and baby animal interactions. I’m going to try to sleep..it’s 1:30am here. Happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “TBT – Sims 3

  1. Sims Freeplay has some amazing graphics! But I agree, the cost getting so high after you play a while is off-putting and makes it hard to keep going. The pets, babies, toddlers, preteens, and weather are all really nice. Have you played to the point where they age automatically? I’m about 10 levels shy of that and not sure if I want to get there.


  2. Yes, I have. Some of them have aged up and passed away except for the “vampire” couple. I call them that because I spend Lifestyle points to decrease their age. They really should be elders by now but I like them. I gave up trying to save up enough to build the other buildings. I can manage to save at least 300,000 but then I go crazy and buy stuff for their houses.


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