Guy’s Life

01-25-16_6-19-34 PM

My man, Guy, painting a pop art umm masterpiece. Ok, so it wasn’t a masterpiece but it was deemed “great”. You like my original name, Guy? I had a brain fart while coming up with a name so Guy. Oh wait, I know where that name came from, when I lived in Colorado, my roommate’s name was Guy except he pronounced it Ghee.

01-25-16_6-28-55 PM

“Mmm, this grilled cheese obviously needs some salt.” Luckily, he didn’t drop the salt shaker in the pan like some Sims.

01-25-16_9-57-46 PM

Time to play Foosball cause you know, it’s always time to play Foosball. I wanted to see how long they would play and left them. 3 Sim hours later and still playing.

01-25-16_10-01-19 PM

“How long do I have to play this dumb game?!?” They both had no foosball over their heads – just didn’t show up in the pictures.

01-25-16_10-05-27 PM

“GET OUTTA MY BED, WEIRDO!” I don’t understand; they were friends. Surely, he could’ve let Guy have a nap.

01-25-16_10-35-00 PM

Awesome dance moves!

01-25-16_10-37-24 PM

I finally bought a store and stuck a few of Guy’s paintings for sale. Baldy stared at it for quite awhile but did not buy it. Sadly, no one bought that painting.

One week till surgery! *quietly freaking out* I’m going to attempt to play Guy for awhile…maybe have him start a family.

Follow link for episode #2 of Guy’s Life:  https://meowfaze.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/guy-and-paolo/



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